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Where do I start?!Have ebook Ive written.Dedi Server and Knowhow!

Where do I start in making some cash on the web!



10:10 pm on Jan 26, 2006 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Ok guys. I am not after a "heres how to make money on the internet" plan!... just some tips from experienced webmasters...

I have recently written a "really good" ebook that's within a popular topic area of #*$!#*$!x

I have a good technical knowledge and a dedicated server I have setup and got a few test sites on...
but I am dazzled by the HUGE amount of information out there!

Like ....start an affiliate site "its great."
sell your ebook on ClickBank...
build a site on the topic area of your book(s) and so adsense (and sell my book too)
or build a dedicated site for it (the book that is)

and LOADS more

I am a bit lost as to the best way to start out here...

I work full time at the minute but really want to go part time (eventually full time)to dedicate more time to being a webmaster....I had a few sites at the start of the web but I didnt tap any earning potential from them at all stupidly :/

Now..I have ALL the right parts as above.... and a big bunch of good related domain names which I bought at a good time (topic related like bigmoney dot com though this is only an example)

But I would really appreciate some guidance on

"where do I start!"

I know I have to start out with one site and develop more from there (I 100% want to get a small network of say 20 sites going eventually to cover me in case one is delisted or seom other unforeseen thing) but I dont want to use a bad affiliate network and get ripped off as I have read of some others doing...

I don't even know if affiliates are the best way forward for me? HOw bitg should my site be? I dont have time to write 100 pages! (a 100 page ebook took long enough!) Do I pay a content writer or do a mini site?


MANY THANKS for any help on this :)


10:31 pm on Jan 26, 2006 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Edit. Sorry/// at the bottom of my post I meant I dont have time to write a 1000 page site!


7:26 pm on Jan 27, 2006 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

If your ebook is really good, try clickbank. They have a lot of affiliates and people are used to buying these types of things from them already.

If you think that you can promote and sell better than a huge network of affiliates, get a payment processor and try to sell it from your site only.

I suggest clickbank, it's the easiest route.

The Write Way

6:08 pm on Jan 28, 2006 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Hi And1!

Before anything else, perhaps you should determine how you want to earn.

To you want quick bucks?

Or do you want long term gains?

If you want it quick, you could sell the resale rights to your product. I'd say $75 to $300 would be a fair price to charge, depending on the quality of the work. I've seen people succeed with this without even having to create a dedicated website to promote the product. They just do some forum marketing. Of course, you have to market in the right forums. But this much I could tell you... there will always be a lot of interested customers for information products with resale right.

This approach, however, will shorten the market life of your product.

If you want some long term gains that would take some time to gestate, then do all of the things you mentioned in your post. Try ClickBanck! Try PayDotCom! Try your own promotional campaign! Try them all!

Where to start?

Well you need a domain name for your product. If you're selling an eBook entitled "Treating Dogs With Mesothelioma," you could register a domain name that can be associated with such.

Then you have to prepare a REALLLLYYYYY GOOOOODDDD sales copy. You could research about some copywriting techniques or you could hire a professional copywriter to prepare a sales page for you.

Then the usual marketing tactics.

Add some bonuses to your product to pad up its perceived value.

Or make a fire sale, like, offer your product for $20 for 3 days with a warning that the price would increase to $30 after that period, and to $40 after 3 more days, and so on and so forth. This is an effective call to action.

Enroll your product with ClickBank, PayDotCom and other similar unified affiliate sites.

Try article marketing, forum marketing, blogs, search engine optimization and the likes to drive traffic the the page where your sales copy is located.

Strike a deal with eZine editors so that they may recommend your eBook in their mailing list.

There are a gazillion more things you could do! The info on how you could do them are scattered all over the net, and all over this forum.

Keep us updated, ok?

Good luck!


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