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What to choose when the best domains are taken: Startwidgets, Lookwidgets, Allwidgetsdirectory?

domain name variants

7:00 am on Nov 15, 2012 (gmt 0)

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I am registered at webmasterworld for many years, but saying honestly last two years I have not been here (my life experienced very dramatic changes both with work and in family), but now I am back to business again and going to develop new site :-)

I am going to start new directory site devoted to some technical things, let say for example boats or cars...

It will be directory (links to manufacturers) like site with articles and technical information, like characteristics, description of different models, comparison, etc.. Hobby info also, like modding, styling

The site is mostly for people who is starting in this area and looking for general information about the technology in that area and links to established shops, manufacturers, latest in development and science

English is not native language for me and that is my problem..

I am looking for domain name, of course names like "boatdirectory.com", "boatlinks.com", "boatsinfo.com" are already taken..

I was looking at some other names, which I think could be good, but I am not sure if they are suitable from modern language point of view..

"startboats.com", "followboats.com", "allaboutboats.com","lookforboats.com", "lookatboats.com"

The area I am speaking has low competition (according Google Adwords) and most of domain names registered for sale. There is almost no well established sites in the subject, that's why I am going there. The search traffic for main keyword is around 20 millions searches/month and CPC is quite good...

The good names which are registered for sale are in price range $5000...$99000 and I am not going to buy them because my start budget is limited to $2..3000.
That's why I am digging myself for names..

I would like to have short and possibly some name which is standing out from all those general names..

Have anybody good idea what other word combinations I could use for domain name?
7:30 am on Nov 15, 2012 (gmt 0)

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Speaking strictly from the language side:

startwidgets and followwidgets don't sound right.

lookforwidgets sounds as if the reader is planning to buy.

lookatwidgets can work if there is absolutely no chance that the name of your real thingie (boats, widgets, whatever) has any alternative meaning.

allaboutwidgets should be the best-- except that the unhyphenated sequence "allabout" doesn't read right. I keep reanalyzing it as "alla bout". Or even a misspelled " la bout" etc. I'm not sure if all-about-widgets is better or worse.

I assume all the good names like widgetworld are already taken. I also assume that you're looking at dot com because you've decided your own country's tld won't work. (Major western European country: sure. Rest of the planet: probably not.)

Is $2-3000 your total startup budget or your domain-name budget? The price they're asking and the price they're willing to take can be very different things.
8:24 am on Nov 15, 2012 (gmt 0)

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thank you lucy24 for the prompt reply!

you are narrowed my search for the good name,

And you are right about local market - I live in Sweden and our market is too small for that widget I am speaking about.

The domain names that for sale are listed at GoDaddy's auction and I don not know how I could decrease the price dramatically, most of them have already fixed minimal price which is anyway out of my money range...

Could I contact them directly using domain reg info maybe?

$2..3000 is whole start budget, not only name.. I can add of course more, but little bit careful, would like to test the area first..
8:35 am on Nov 15, 2012 (gmt 0)

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found that "allaboutwidget" is taken already, it was bad example..

could I use instead of "allaboutwidget" "aboutallwidgets" here widget is very specific name and allwidgets does not mean all things I could think about, just very specific things...
1:31 pm on Nov 15, 2012 (gmt 0)

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The area I am speaking has low competition

"Low competition" is often synonymous with "low demand".

It may be easier to compete in the SERPs - where there is "low competition" - but what good will it do to corner a market where advertiser demand is weak or barely exists? How will you generate revenue if advertisers aren't fighting for the traffic?

With weak demand how long will it take to recoup your investment of time and/or money? Possibly longer than you can afford.
10:18 pm on Nov 15, 2012 (gmt 0)

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Low competition because it is new area of technology which starts to impact our life just now and will be growing much in a few years. It results in new products for ordinary consumers, so the market will be quite good soon.

I am very sure about it, because I work with researches in that area. I see it even on domain names problem. A few years ago I already thought about it but had no time, it was plenty of good names, and now almost all good names are taken :-(

12 years ago I started one site for programmers, it was similar situation - very low competition and now every third or second job announce about programmers contains that technology. Last few years it was sites explosion in that area - come hundreds new and competition became very hard!

I hope my intuition will not lie me now as well.

At least CPC is not too bad..