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2008 Domain Strategy - Time to Let Them Expire!

Is it time to clean house? Is it time to go shopping at yardsales?

8:01 pm on May 31, 2008 (gmt 0)

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I have bought a lot of domains over the last few years, some good ones (geographical domains mostly), but some bad ones too.

My aim for this year is to end up with less domains than at the start of the year. I am looking very carefully at the real long-term value of the domains, and getting rid of bad ones with no sentimentality!

I will let go anything which fits in these categories:

- "branding" domains - like the "Flickr" and similar, they have no intrinsic value and they are not saleable - anyone will pick up a different unregistered domain instead. Unless I have a concrete plan for building a site, I will let them all expire

- anything not .com where the .com is a genuine website not owned by me - if I develop, I get legal action at worst or at best I lose too much traffic to the .com

- the .net and .org of any marginal-value .com that I already own. There is a limit to defensive registration.

- .ws, .cc - and all of their ilk. Enough already, these are all total worthless failures. Nuke them all! Must have been drunk when I bought those!

- low-value domains that are not paying their keep via type-ins. Less than $15 annual revenue and no long-term potential, I'll let some other sucker pay for the domain renewal thanks!

- domain typos of other known sites - I really do not want to be in that business.

- sentimental value. Yes, those that you thought were special, but they are not. Clever names that are useless, cute stuff that is not paying its way. Bye bye, it's recession time, they are not worth the management time.

So is anyone else clearing out the junk, or do you always hang on to everything you buy?

8:45 pm on June 19, 2008 (gmt 0)

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trader: It is surprising why so many players mysteriously see value in our bad domains, which I do not understand. Anyone know why this happens so much?


1. People rarely want to bid on domains with no selling price set, because they've tried it in the past and were ignored.

2. A lot of the times a domain value is only known to certain party within a certain short time frame, for instance when alternative domains are considered before a start of a project. At this time, people consider alternatives, some free, some paid.

If you don't set a selling price, chances are your domain will not be considered - people just don't have time to hang around domain marketplace bidding for domains they don't know they can reasonably get. But if price is $25 - then I can guarantee you it will be in my list of possible domains for the next project.

If you think about it, if I spend even 15 minutes negotiating, then I've already wasted more than $25 on domain.


9:01 pm on June 19, 2008 (gmt 0)

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2008 Domain Strategy - Time to Let Them Expire!

^ I'm going to reply to the title of this topic. :)

Oh sure! Only to hear that someone scooped it up and sold it for $50k or something a month or two later? Nah, I'll keep them until I move into my next life, they pay for themselves. If I could get a 50 year registration on some of them, I just might do that so I can scratch those off my to-do list. I've got quite a few at that 10 year mark. It feels good knowing I don't have to worry about those.

I also have my volatile groups. Those are domains where I might let a few out of a group go into expiration and then I'll get the rest of them on the 10 year schedule. Plus, when you have a larger domain portfolio, you can do a bit of negotiation with the Registrar and also get some upgraded services in the process.

Why let them expire? Unless of course you have a portfolio full of all those regionkeywordphrase.com domains. I would imagine there's a bit of churn and burn there unless you have money to spare. Or, you're on to something. :)

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