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Pubcon 2007 Las Vegas Live AND Silent Domain Auction Thread

Live auction is now history. Silent auction running through December 13th.


avi wilensky

10:01 am on Dec 6, 2007 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

“I can’t believe I didn’t get $5,000 for Wednesday.org! You know what Thursday and Friday would go for!” - Auctioneer

Today I had the privilege of attending a Moniker.com live domain name auction in Las Vegas, Nevada. Moniker.com is the leading provider of domain name registration and management services for small and large companies. This was Moniker’s 9th live auction and first ever live auction at Webmasterworld’s Pubcon 2007 convention.

Moniker.com raked in $326,650 in today’s auction alone – with the majority of domain names not sold because they did not reach their reserve prices. He expects the silent domain auction to generate an additional $200,000. According to Monte Cahnn, President and CEO of Moniker.com, past live auctions have earned over $1 million in one day.

Today’s top sales, both won by an anonymous phone-in caller, were SoccerTV.com for $80,000 and Grandpa.com for $55,000. FamilyServices.com earned $45,000 and BlindDating.com earned $14,000.

- Complete auction coverage and editorial on the blog.

Here is a complete list of auction inventory.

Domain Name//Reserve Price//Sold Price

SoccerTV.com//$50,001- $100,000//$80,000
Grandpa.com//$50,001- $100,000//$55,000
GroupLifePolicy.com and GroupLifePolicies.com//No Reserve//$17,500
SEONews.com//$5,001 - $10,000//$8,750
CommuterFlights.com//$5,001 - $10,000//$8,000
DisabilityPolicy.com//No Reserve//$7,000
BadCreditSolutions.com//$5,001 - $10,000//$5,500
TermLifePolicies.com//No Reserve//$5,400
SchoolPicture.com//$1 - $5,000//$4,750
ShowDisplays.com//$1 - $5,000//$4,750
DiscountShopping.net//$1 - $5,000//$4,500
PinkLemonade.com//No Reserve//$4,300
TermInsurancePolicy.com and TermInsurancePolicies.com//No Reserve//$3,500
DiscountCallingCard.com//$1 - $5,000//$3,000
FreeCashAdvance.com and FreeCashAdvances.com//No Reserve//$3,000
WeeklyDiscounts.com//$1 - $5,000//$2,750
LaserCopiers.com//No Reserve//$2,500
CustomerLoyaltyProgram.com//$1 - $5,000//$2,500
BalancedFunds.com//No Reserve//$2,250
FreeLabor.com//No Reserve//$2,200
SearchEngineOptimization.us//$1 - $5,000//$2,000
SportbookBets.com//$1 - $5,000//$1,950
TextingPlan.com//$1 - $5,000//$1,750
MortgageRates.org//$10,001 - $25,000//$1,700
AffiliateCourse.com//$1 - $5,000//$1,500
EarlyBirdDiscount.com//No Reserve//$1,500
GroupInsurancePolicy.com//No Reserve//$1,100
BusinessNotebooks.com//No Reserve//$1,100
NewVehicleFinancing.com//No Reserve//$1,100
DisabilityPolicies.com//No Reserve//$1,000
FreightDelivery.com//No Reserve//$900
BillingPlans.com//No Reserve//$900
FirstClassUpgrade.com and FirstClassUpgrades.com//No Reserve//$900
SellDVDs.com//$1 - $5,000//$900
DigitalCameraParts.com// and DigitalCameraRepair.com//No Reserve//$800
CollegeSavingsProgram.com//No Reserve//$800
FloridaSailBoatRentals.com//$1 - $5,000//$750
AutomaticPayment.com//No Reserve//$700
FloodInsurancePolicies.com//No Reserve//$700
ConsolidatedMonthlyPayments.com//No Reserve//$700
JuiceMixers.com//$1 - $5,000//$600
DogShowTickets.com//No Reserve//$600
GlassPanels.com//$1 - $5,000//$600
AssociateDegree.org//$1 - $5,000//$600
TemporaryEmail.com//$1 - $5,000//$600
AntiquePaintings.net//$1 - $5,000//$500
HerbMedicines.com//$1 - $5,000//$500
AirlineTicketAgency.com//$1 - $5,000//$400
CompactDiscPlayer.com and CompactDiskPlayer.com//No Reserve//$400
OfficeFurnitureSets.com//No Reserve//$400
BackToSchoolDiscounts.com//$1 - $5,000//$350
CamcorderEquipment.com//No Reserve//$300
AcademicRecords.com//$1 - $5,000//$300
EmployeeBenefitsPlans.com//No Reserve//$300
DiscountHomeGyms.com//$1 - $5,000//$300
DaySpecials.com//$1 - $5,000//$200
cBatteries.com//No Reserve//$200
DesktopReplacement.com//No Reserve//$200
CollegeTuitionAccounts.com//No Reserve//$200
ConstructionLoanApplication.com//No Reserve//$200

TOTAL: $326,650

PrivateOffers.com//$5,001 - $10,000//Passed
BloggingServices.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
AutomobileRepairs.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
QuantityDiscounts.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
FastFoodMenus.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
NewYorkMortgageRates.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
AffiliateProgram.org//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
LocalBusinessDirectory.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
TattooParlor.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
Location.net//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
FlatPanellCDMonitors.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
FamilyCellPhonePlans.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
Cabo.mobi//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
AffiliateServices.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
Hiring.org//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
AutoClassifieds.com//$100,001 - $250,000//Passed
ManhattanTours.com//$5,001 - $10,000//Passed
DebtPaymentPlans.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
BannerAdvertisingRates.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
CD.net//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
Clicker.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
Personals.net//$100,001 - $250,000//Passed
RetailPharmacy.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
Wednesday.org//$5,001 - $10,000//Passed
Businesses.org//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
AffiliateSoftware.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
WoodCabinets.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
Communication.com//$100,001 - $250,000//Passed
FreeAdultAccess.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
BannerAdvertisingSoftware.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
Brussels.net//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
WebMarketingServices.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
Tourist.com//$750,001 - $1MM//Passed
Closings.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
FamilyCalender.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
FreeSearches.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
HuntingLicenses.com//$5,001 - $10,000//Passed
Test.net// $25,001 - $50,000//Passed
LowInterestLoans.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
Banners.com//$250,001 - $500,000//Passed
AffiliateMarketingTools.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
PregnancyCenters.com//$5,001 - $10,000//Passed
HireTemps.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
Invest.net//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
Temp.com//$500,001 - $750,000//Passed
GreenVehicles.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
MissouriGolfing.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
IslandHouses.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
BusinessLoanApplication.com//$5,001 - $10,000//Passed
GourmetPopcorn.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
PalmReader.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
Ethanol.com//$500,001 - $750,000//Passed
GED.net//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
Discounters.net//$1 - $5,000//Passed
Dentists.net//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
FastMortgages.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
ePayments.com//$100,001 - $250,000//Passed
WebmasterConferences.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
BathSupplies.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
Sambuca.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
BabyFood.com//$250,001 - $500,000//Passed
Refund.info//$5,001 - $10,000//Passed
LakeFrontVacations.com//$5,001 - $10,000//Passed
HouseLender.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
FlatRateMortgage.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
Election2008.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
XmasList.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
EastHarlem.com//$5,001 - $10,000//Passed
Baltimore.net//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
Affiliate.com//$500,001 - $750,000//Passed
Relative.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
TeenChat.net//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
Ankle.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
LeatherFurniture.com//$100,001 - $250,000//Passed
DiscountTravel.com and DiscountTravel.mobi////$500,001 - $750,000//Passed
VoiceRecognitionSoftware.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
AffiliatesManager.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
TeeTimes.net//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
ApprovedCards.com//$5,001 - $10,000//Passed
Supplying.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
Contraceptives.com//$100,001 - $250,000//Passed
ClassReunions.net//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
DelawareCondos.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
SurveillenceSystems.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
SportsAgent.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
Demo.net//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
BirthControl.com//$1MM - $5M//Passed
RecruitmentFirms.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
OceanToys.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
SearchContent.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
GlobalPositioningSystem.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
SportsScores.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
FamilyReunions.net//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
Copiers.com//$250,001 - $500,000//Passed
IndividualSavingsAccount.com//$5,001 - $10,000//Passed
BirthdayGiftRegistry.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
Pittsburgh.mobi//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
Commercial.net//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
EmploymentFirms.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
CustomRims.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
Estate.com//$500,001 - $750,000//Passed
SearchMarketingFirms.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
MedicalTranscriptionService.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
WineGallery.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
ComputerCourses.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
ConsumerElectronics.com//$100,001 - $250,000//Passed
eDiscounts.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
PensionPlan.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
FreePhoneLine.com//$5,001 - $10,000//Passed
HighDefinition.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
NewAutos.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
StockQuotes.com//$1MM - $5MM//Passed
CarribeanReservations.com//$5,001 - $10,000//Passed
OnlineCreditScores.org//$5,001 - $10,000//Passed
TruckRims.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
Iran.com//$500,001 - $750,000//Passed
House.net//$100,001 - $250,000//Passed
MastersDegree.com// and MastersDegrees.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
OneWayFares.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
DrawingPictures.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
PoolSticks.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
Flights.net//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
VenusFlytrap.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
Tourettes.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
eSports.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
ConcertTicket.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
NonProfitcreditRepair.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
AutoSafetyKits.com//$5,001 - $10,000//Passed
Spend.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
WallStreet.com//$1MM - $5MM//Passed
TennisRackets.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
Taxes.com//$1MM - $5MM//Passed
1031ExchangeMortgage.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
USResorts.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
WebDesignerTools.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
Grandprize.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
Organ.com//$100,001 - $250,000//Passed
Podiatrists.com//$100,001 - $250,000//Passed
Franchisees.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
Pesos.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
Breathalyzer.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
BajaCalifornia.com//$100,001 - $250,000//Passed
FinancialCounseling.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
MalibuCalifornia.com//$100,001 - $250,000//Passed
ScienceFiction.com//$250,001 - $500,000//Passed
NevadaEstates.com//$5,001 - $10,000//Passed
Catalogs.net//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
GlassBlock.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
Technology.org//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
Iraq.com//$1MM - $5MM//Passed
EuropeanMortgageRates.com//$1 - $5,000//Passed
SnowmobileAccessories.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
FlatPanelTVs.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
Transplant.com//$50,001 - $100,000//Passed
PokerLessons.com//$100,001 - $250,000//Passed
BeverlyHillsEstates.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
NewsStreamer.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
Kuwait.com//$500,001 - $750,000//Passed
StreamingServercom//$5,001 - $10,000//Passed
Gambia.com//$250,001 - $500,000//Passed
HydrogenRefuelingStations.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
Minnesota.org//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
GeorgiaEstates.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
FHALeads.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
PX.net//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
PokerAffiliates.com//$10,001 - $25,000//Passed
KidsStores.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
so.net//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
Order.org//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
MP4Player.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed


1:33 pm on Dec 6, 2007 (gmt 0)

looks like the market did cool off a bit....no "good" names sold at all. Oh well, there is always the next one.


2:16 pm on Dec 6, 2007 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

I see a few "good" names were sold.

Tourettes.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed

I bet they were cursing up a storm over that one! :D


4:35 pm on Dec 6, 2007 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Administrator webwork is a WebmasterWorld Top Contributor of All Time 10+ Year Member Top Contributors Of The Month

There were some buying opportunities that were seized.

A rep from Oversee happily snapped up DisabilityPollicy.com for $7,000.

A certain mod from WebmasterWorld was content to pick up FreightDelivery.com for $900.00.

As always the advantage goes to . . . a combination of luck, being in the right place at the right time, having enough cash on hand . . .

I think the domain auction model is still in its experimental stage, since there have only been 2 auctions (that I'm aware of) outside the setting of a domainer-centric event.

Perhaps at a future PucCon the list of domains might be tailored to the webdev / webmarketing audience a bit more? A more audience targeted domain collection and prices for everyone? Also, the list might be released to all participants well in advance?

I think the auction was a moderately successful introduction.

I look forward to future auctions where all the large resellers work jointly to aggregate domains well suited to the particular audience and do so on a timeline that allows maximum exposure of the aution list welll in advance.

[edited by: Webwork at 4:56 pm (utc) on Dec. 9, 2007]


11:05 pm on Dec 6, 2007 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Tourettes.com//$25,001 - $50,000//Passed
I bet they were cursing up a storm over that one! :D

Several names were scratched from the auction at the beginning of the auction, including Tourettes.com.

Other names on the list above in avi's post that were scratched, not passed, were:

CarribeanReservations.com//$5,001 - $10,000
FamilyCalender.com//$1 - $5,000
Gambia.com//$250,001 - $500,000
Spend.com//$50,001 - $100,000
SurveillenceSystems.com//$1 - $5,000

FreeLabor.com//No Reserve//$2,200
-- my notes say this was scratched, but maybe they changed it during a commercial on the audio feed :-¦ (And I haven't checked this against any other lists.)

In addition to the above, there were other scratches that I didn't catch.

The top selling domain (SoccerTV.com) was actually a suite of 6 domain names, that sold together for the $80K price -- soccerTV.com, soccerTV.net, soccerTV.org, soccerTV.biz, soccerTV.us, and futbolTV.com.

Confusingly enough, these six domains were listed in the final-final list, in the SILENT auction, but were taken out and sold in the LIVE auction.


7:53 pm on Dec 10, 2007 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Has Anyone seen any action on the Silent Auction Yet? I have seen no bids happening yet, do most bidders wait till the end of the auction to bid on the silent ones?

Not sure how they are planning to rake in another 200K on the silent side if there is zero action, and they only broke 300K on the live?



8:58 pm on Dec 10, 2007 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

80 K for soccerTV.com doesn't seem like much for a website receiving 250k visitors a month (that's what it says on the website).


10:24 pm on Dec 10, 2007 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Administrator webwork is a WebmasterWorld Top Contributor of All Time 10+ Year Member Top Contributors Of The Month

RE: The silent auction

I think you can count on typical "last minute" activity. It's the norm.

I, too, am a bit surprised to not see any bids posted. I can't imagine it's the case that there are no outstanding bids.

Maybe you could "test the system" by placing a bona fide small bid on a domain that interests you - mildly?

What has me a bit boggled is how one would go about bidding on a few dozen domains at the same time. How on earth would that be possible "at the last minute"? Can anyone tell me if the sytem offers a convenient/efficient interface to track and update multiple bids in real time?

Let's say I placed bids on 20 domains. Just how easy is it, within the current system, to track all the bids and place updated bids? Can I hit 20 domains within . . say, a minute?


6:30 pm on Dec 11, 2007 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Ok, Seriously now. I just looked at the silent auction a few minutes ago, I could not find one bid on any domain. Now I can understand last minute bidding. Is everyone going to go crazy last second? are people even looking at these domains? I have seen no hype about this auction, I am surprised Moniker isn't pushing it a little harder.


6:37 pm on Dec 11, 2007 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Administrator webwork is a WebmasterWorld Top Contributor of All Time 10+ Year Member Top Contributors Of The Month

PPC, you appear very interested in the auction and a bit shocked that there are no bids, so I have to ask: Have you placed a bid?

If the time is now, for placing bids, have you done so?

If not, why not?

If you have a reason then is it possible that others have similar reasons for not placing bids yet?

Still, not seeing any bids whatsoever is a bit puzzling, but it's not really much to protest about since most domains of interest won't be subject to serious bidding until the 11th hour in any event. In other words, you won't know until the last few minutes what your standing is so the fact that bids aren't yet showing doesn't really allay auction anxiety or create auction certainty. Anyone who has been around domain auctions knows that bid pricing is seldom seen in "true light" until the clock ticks down to the last 5 minutes or thereabouts. Then, suddenly, the fireworks start going off - 99.9% of the time.

IF, at that point, bids still aren't showing then there will be problems . . or you will be one damn lucky bidder in rare cases. ;-/

[edited by: Webwork at 6:43 pm (utc) on Dec. 11, 2007]


7:07 pm on Dec 11, 2007 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Exact opposite, lol.

I have domains for sale in the Auction. I am expecting to see some action tomorrow evening.


7:14 pm on Dec 11, 2007 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

What is the link to the silent auction? Seems any page or subdomain I try to go to for Moniker hangs and won't load.


7:20 pm on Dec 11, 2007 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member


[edited by: PPC_Player at 7:21 pm (utc) on Dec. 11, 2007]


7:23 pm on Dec 11, 2007 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Administrator webwork is a WebmasterWorld Top Contributor of All Time 10+ Year Member Top Contributors Of The Month

Exact opposite

As my father used to say - "Same difference". ;)

Either you want to see bids, since you're selling, or you don't want to see bids - and know that "it's for real" - since you hope to scoop up a bargain. Either way, the mental energy is best reserved for the last 5 minutes down to the last second. Even after the clock clicks down to "0" you still have to contemplate the fine print of the auction, including the possibility that there will be an announcement of a server glitch that puts what appeared to be a final outcome back into play. I've seen it all. You, too, likely. :(

The auction interface starts here: [silentauction.moniker.com...]


10:53 pm on Dec 11, 2007 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

You need a secret password to even view the auction? No wonder there are no bids.


11:09 pm on Dec 11, 2007 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

You need a secret password to even view the auction? No wonder there are no bids.

You have to sign up and they will consider whether they will let you be a member :)

This is a private auction site and requires you to log-in to access the system. Please log-in below, or Register, if you wish to be considered as a member.


11:22 pm on Dec 12, 2007 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Administrator webwork is a WebmasterWorld Top Contributor of All Time 10+ Year Member Top Contributors Of The Month

Finally seeing some bids being posted.

Dang! ;-P


11:29 pm on Dec 12, 2007 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

I just went through the whole list, I saw nothing. Can you give me an example of some domains?



11:46 pm on Dec 12, 2007 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Still Noting? I Would love to ust see one domain with a bid. lol

[edited by: PPC_Player at 11:48 pm (utc) on Dec. 12, 2007]


3:34 am on Dec 13, 2007 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Administrator webwork is a WebmasterWorld Top Contributor of All Time 10+ Year Member Top Contributors Of The Month

Read the instructions on the initial page. They explain how to see/search for domains with bids. All you need to do is to click a yes checkbox or "radio button". Just read the directions. (Took me awhile to figure this out so it's not a criticism.)


5:41 pm on Dec 13, 2007 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member


Too bad no one is bidding on mine, lol!


12:20 am on Dec 14, 2007 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Administrator webwork is a WebmasterWorld Top Contributor of All Time 10+ Year Member Top Contributors Of The Month

I get the feeling I was chasing the same person around the domain space all afternoon. Argh. They obviously have either a fatter wallet or better domain intelligence - or, more likely, both. (I'm fairly certain I know who I was up against. ;-P)

Then again, there really were only 2 domains that spoke to me and now they're whispering in my ear "Pay the darned bill and we're your's". Okay! I hear ya!

Funny thing is, whilst doing the usual auction time multi-tasking (I hate frittered time and there was no one to small talk with) I did a bit of lateral domain research and acquistion. Nice outcome, too. Maybe they'll be fodder for the next auction?

Nah. People don't like to pay money for recently acquired "new domains" 'cause it makes 'em feel just a little bit stupid. Like "Why did he think of that and I didn't?" Me too. I'd never buy one of these domains from myself in the aftermarket.

Least not this year.

Kinda makes me wonder if I was all that smart in the first place. ;-P


12:43 am on Dec 14, 2007 (gmt 0)

>> People don't like to pay money for recently acquired "new domains" 'cause it makes 'em feel just a little bit stupid. Like "Why did he think of that and I didn't?" Me too. I'd never buy one of these domains from myself in the aftermarket.

I can see that. it's stupidity; they focus on how much the seller will make for a $8 investment instead of looking whether it's a good domain or not.


1:09 am on Dec 14, 2007 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Administrator webwork is a WebmasterWorld Top Contributor of All Time 10+ Year Member Top Contributors Of The Month

My pick for the most intelligent buy of the day:

CarEnthusiasts.com for <$900.00.

Over 2 million exact matches for the phrase.

High value space: car buying.

Term covers all cars.

Perfect name for a car forum. Perfect.

For less than $900.

I punked out and let the buyer have it. I have enough bright ideas and unfinished business.

Still, credit due for picking up an aftermarket domain that has "beautiful legs". The strength of an athlete and the graceful outlines of a ballerina. Then again, a ballerina IS an athlete. :-/

So, did any of you bums bid . . and win?


5:41 pm on Dec 25, 2007 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Can it be easy for a newcomer to list his/her domain name/s for an auction or it requires an expert in cyberlaw's advise and guidance, such deals being international ones?


11:27 pm on Jan 6, 2008 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

In June 2007 creditcheck(dot)com sold at auction for $3 million and is now parked!
seniors(dot)com sold at the same auction for $1.8 million and is used as a redirect.

How can so much money be changing hands for domains that are not being used to their potential?
How long will it take to recoup $3 million from a parked domain?


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