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IE7 rendering issue - Overlapping panels



4:34 pm on May 11, 2011 (gmt 0)


I am bit new to web development. I am having following issue with IE7. It works fine in IE8 and other browsers.

I did not create this page and just trying to fix its defect.
When I try to change the browser screen window size i.e. drag it to make it smaller, the panel in one region overlaps on to the panel on other region.

I couldn't find any attachment option else I could have attached the screen shot here!

The style is being used as
display: none
class="drop_panel clearfix"

The clearfix class is as below:
.clearfix:after {
clear: both;
content: ".";
display: block;
height: 0;
visibility: hidden;

Is there something wrong in styling or can I try a specific style to stop this occuring?


5:36 pm on May 11, 2011 (gmt 0)

Eventually fixed that. It was floating issue. I set the Float to Left and it works ok :)

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