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htaccess rewrite From Addon Domain

htaccess rewrite

6:59 pm on Apr 18, 2011 (gmt 0)

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I am doing article marketing. So what I am about to ask is for ethical means to meet the requirement of the article directories.

No. I am not using this forum to publicize my site. I am using my url as an example of what I need to happen

I purchased Samurai Stealth Cloaker.

I discovered that in order to have their article cloaker work propery, I had to add a handler command in the htaccess file for php to be used in html files.

My url


is a top level url. The ?filename22 actually refers to a folder.

When you click on the link, their php commands cause the index page of this folder to be loaded into a frameset.

Only [money-at-home-legitimately.com...]

shows in the address bar. According to the article directories, all links must lead to a top level domain.

Well this script works fine on this domain because it is the primary domain.

But when I tried the same thing on an addon domain, it did not work.

I contacted my ISP. They worked with me for several hours. They concluded that there was nothing wrong with their server.

They said that I need to have a developer write appropriate handler commands in the htacces file for this addon domain so that it will perform the same operation as the primary domain.

I hope that someone can help me solve this problem.

Here is what I need:

subfolderA ---> This refers to a specific folder.

When people click on


the index page and contents in the sub folder subfolderA are displayed and


appears in the address bar. subfolderA is dropped.

As I said again, this is for article marketing. This method eliminates the necessity to purchase domain names for each niche.

I hope I described my needs clearly.

I hope that someone will be willing to help me solve this problem.

Please help me!

Thank you
7:58 pm on Apr 25, 2011 (gmt 0)

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You must link to the correct URLs from your pages. That means editing static pages or modifying the script or the add-on to publish these correct links on the pages which it generates.

Understand that mod_rewrite takes effect *after* a request arrives at your server. At this point, it is far too late to "change the URL." Therefore the links that appear on your pages must give the correct URL from the start.

I suspect that you will be happier with a hosting configuration that allows your domains to each be hosted separately, and not as "add-ons" to a single "master" domain. It should be obvious that in this set-up, that "master" is completely arbitrary -- "first" would be a better term. The methods used by hosting companies (actually, the control panels that they provide) are not conducive to setting up multi-domain or "multi-user" scripts and add-ons. An IP-based (as opposed to a name-based) virtual hosting set-up would seem to be in order here.

Once requests are arriving at your server with a correct URL, mod_rewrite can be used to steer those requests to any place in the filesystem that is accessible at the level of the .htaccess file that you use to implement this steering. On name-based servers using "add-ons" this level is usually below the root, and so paths in the root cannot be reached. On IP-based servers, this level is usually the root level, so no problems are encountered.

To be clear, .htaccess *can* redirect an incorrect URL to a correct one, but if the links on your site are incorrect, and each is redirected whenever it is requested, then your site will be flagged as one of "low technical quality" by search engines due to the extra work and delay each redirect involves, and it will never do very well in search results.

Note that using example.com or www.example.com in your posts avoids the auto-link formatting here. It also avoids having our thread here rank (sometimes very well) for searches on your domain name...