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Google Affiliate program for Blogger

New feature as of April 2012



9:47 pm on Jun 16, 2012 (gmt 0)

I just noticed that Google has added to its Blogger service a feature that allows any blogger who has an Adsense account to easily add a Google Affiliate ad (text or text/image) to a blog entry. Based on the official video and description at the official Adsense blog, it looks like you (the blogger) open up an affiliate-ad dialog window before posting, type in a keyword (e.g., "shoes"), select an affiliate advertiser (or possibly more than one) from a list, and then drop its ad into your blog post. If the keyword you entered doesn't match any affiliate categories, my guess is that you are shown a message indicating as much and perhaps provided other keyword suggestions at this point (I'm not sure). It isn't clear to me whether you can embed the ad anywhere in your post or whether it is automatically placed at the bottom of you post.

Has anyone here tried this feature or know someone who uses Blogger who's tried this? It looks to me like this is just a way for Google to induce bloggers to promote products that are part of Google's own Affiliate network by making it very, very easy to do so. Have I got this about right?


11:27 pm on Jun 17, 2012 (gmt 0)

I just opened up a Blogger account to answer my own questions. You must accept G's TOS in order to use this feature. You search for products by keyword/phrase. You select a product/merchant, then select either link, image, or full ad. You then copy the code, which you can embed anywhere in your post. For full ads you choose the size (like Adsense).

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