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Adsense Alternatives 2012

Best performing

12:21 am on Jun 4, 2012 (gmt 0)

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I really can't belive how agresively down my income are from Adsense. So it's time to add an alternative (in first, both together with Adsense, in future who knows, perhaps I leave Adsense)

I didn't have brilliant experiences in past, so looking for updated info about it

What do you say about performance of:

Click Bank
Yahoo Publisher Network

I didn't like Chitika (tried, not worthwilhe)
nor Amazon.

PS: Content is not only english, also spanish and portuguese.
I'm not sure I can apply on all of these, but I'd like to pick up just one. Since I'm not quiting adsense yet, It would be nice to integrate it gracefully.
12:46 am on June 4, 2012 (gmt 0)

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The "best performing" is going to depend on many factors, your target country/ countries/ languages and the target demographic(s) within it /them ..

One thing I would say is that IMO your list of "choices" is IMO too restrictive ( a natural effect of posting in an ""Anglophone forum system ..but too restrictive nevertheless ;-)..if you have more than the one language available, your chances are better..

First thing ..type "ad choices" into your favorite ;-) search engine..in the results , ignore the ones which are specific to Google, Yahoo, Microsoft etc ..You'll also find a link to the website where all of the "behavioral" or "personalised" ad suppliers allow you to opt out of them ( individually or as a group )..look at the list of "participating companies", many of them you may not have heard of , many of them have their own advertising networks that you could use on your sites, many of them have systems which are geared to languages other than only English..

Think "outside the box(en)"..

HTH :)
3:50 pm on June 4, 2012 (gmt 0)

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Hello. I understand that, and my sites are commonly english, spanish, portuguese so I guess I need some company that targets all 3 at once.

However what I'd like is feedback about experiences on those mentioned (others welcome too) because that's my narrowed search. And since implementing is time consuming (and testing, at least a month) experience of other publishers may be very valuable at this point don't you think?
4:35 pm on June 13, 2012 (gmt 0)

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Some feedback:

Tried Kontextua and really really awfull just for the record.

Hot words seems to accept sites ONLY in 1 language (it's most stupid thing I've ever heard) so since my sites contains 3 different languages they just reject it. That's insane, they could just allow code in their preferred language if that's the case.
7:36 pm on June 13, 2012 (gmt 0)

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InfoLinks - I don't like the look, and they always pick the wrong word to highlight - some really dumb word. Example: "We sell the best widgets anywhere." Instead of widgets, they would highlight the word "best", which was irrelevant. I see this every day.

Kontera - The same "inline" cr@p as Infolinks. Annoying, and they choose the wrong words, as well.

Click Bank - Isn't this for ebooks only? Limited offerings.

Yahoo Publisher Network - Long gone, for 2 years now. They were unable to figure it out - management was by politics, not logic, performance or efficacy.

Adbrite - I specified NO ADULT - the first thing I saw were gigantic mammaries staring me in the face - killed them instantly.

Clicksor - You are "opted in" to a lot of cr@p - Be prepared to do a lot of opting out - especially the pop-ups, pop-unders, etc.

Bidvertiser - If you are big on eBay activity.

Chitika - Paid on time, but very little - serving issues, ad issues - NO STATS - they pulled click data, EPC data, and CTR data, because "They know best what is important." Actually, they are trying to hide their poor performance, thinking no one will notice. Idiots. A "partner" who denies you basic data. Most clicks seemed to be 5 cents - they seem riveted to 5 cents as standard payout. Difficult to purge - you must remember all the places where you put ads, after they cut off access to your account.

There STILL is no alternative to AdSense, IMHO. Will there ever be? Not in my crystal ball. Others have had YEARS to compete, and just can't do it. They just nibble around the edges.
7:04 pm on June 15, 2012 (gmt 0)

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Hahaha, I enjoyed your review really Sally Sitts.

About Kontextua, just for the record, they are known as "adsinimages" I loved the idea, but when tried it, the result was same "download" ad on mostly all my images, what resulted in a big spam look, I don't want.

Second awfull thing, you sometimes can't access the page where it's supposed to be stats about your performance, instead you find a dumb image saying they are on performing tasks, bla bla.

Chitika: the pay almost nothing, collecting to get a check may take months.

I really can't belive Google is all on internet, I'd wish competitors would have serious alternatives to offer.

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