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white label dating

9:47 pm on Apr 18, 2012 (gmt 0)

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HI guys. Im matt and im new here. am kind of stuck at some crossroads.

Ive been a member of paidonresults for a long long time but have never set it up.... I am also an old web designer... html tables etc... but very good with graphics.
Have basic knowledge now of css and joomla/wordpress etc. I will probably choose wordpress if I can find a theme which isnt full of malware or other hidden plop... i will eventually make my own.

I have finally decided to spend time on adsense and affiliate marketing....
I can build a site no problem, can I write fresh content? -yes,probably.. but only once a week.

I have a few niches and a lot more ideas but really dont know what to do.
Im a bodybuilder so theres 1 niche...mainly nutrition? web seems to be packed with this allready...especially on blog/content.
In terms of affiliate- supplements may work?

I also have other random ideas that could work, does anyone have experience with white label dating?

My goals are to look for something that returns an income of at least 200 a week. Is this at all possible with 10 hours a week work?

I am willing to put about 10 hours a week into it.
I have only basic knowledge of marketing but am a very fast learner.
I have very basic programming knowledge... nothing I can monetize on.

any help or advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.
I know its broad but I really cannot decide which route to take in order to fulfill my goal.

I dont want to waste my time with certain areas that have an income limit or any over saturated markets.

I have even looked into pharmacy affiliate but seems a bit shady?

At this moment in time I may just pick a niche and build on the affiliate side?

I know i need to do about 10 hours or more reading and learning but even this can be narrowed down by not wasting my time with outdated information with no income potential.

thank you in advance =)
10:06 am on Apr 19, 2012 (gmt 0)

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The only area I've played in there has been dating and it is super competitive. I never did white label stuff and almost all my traffic came from buying it and sending it directly to the dating sites. Starting from scratch in most any arena, I'd think potentially hundreds if not thousands of hours to start making much money.

While supplements and things like that are also competitive if that is your passion and you are knowledgeable about that topic I'd suggest starting there. There is money to be made and it will be a lot easier to create content about that (because you have an interest in it) than to come up with enough dating material to get people to sign up for dating websites.

Just about every market is saturated these days and the income is limited only by how much time, research, development and testing can be done. Be prepared to spend hundred of hours without making a dime of this is your first venture into the affiliate marketing arena.
5:47 pm on Apr 19, 2012 (gmt 0)

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thank you skibum.

I just wish I started 10 years ago! lol.
12:20 pm on Apr 21, 2012 (gmt 0)

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I could use 10 years of experience in Online marketing myself...
10:46 pm on Aug 27, 2012 (gmt 0)

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White label dating is terrible! You do all the work, spend all the money, and they get all of your user and their info, and you get a split.

purchase you're own dating software like skadate or something, and start from scratch.

10 hours a week is not enough to start with. You need to spend more time then that. The only other option to investing time, is to invest money.

You can buy an already profitable sites making $200 a week for about $5-6 grand. Check out flippa or adsense flippers.

Or you can buy some pro software dating, forum, cms in a hot niche and spend a ton advertising to build it up.

But, honestly, your wants are unrealistic with what you are willing to give for them.

either work more or spend more.