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Founded: 7-26-2004

XML is the granddaddy data serialization format of the internet age. Understanding of its syntax and usage is essential for a well-rounded web developer.

Posting Topics:
XML, XSLT, XPATH, Schema, DTD, Namespaces, XML Validation, XPointer, Xquery, and other issues regarding the coding and handling of XML. Specific XML variants such as MathML, YAML, SOAP, WDSL, are also discussed.

Topics Not Covered:
Though XHTML is a flavour of XML, questions regarding the rendering of XHTML in browsers should be posted to the HTML and Browsers [webmasterworld.com] forum. Discussions of well-formedness, XHTML validation, XML injection and namespaces are welcome here.

Note that we already have an RSS, Atom and Related Technologies [webmasterworld.com] forum for specific RSS issues.

Usage of XML by other technologies may be more appropriate for forums dedicated to those technologies. For example, discussion about handling XML in Flash is probably better fit to the Flash and Shockwave [webmasterworld.com] forum.

XML tools or keywords that reveal tools will be considered spam and deleted without notice.

Before posting in this forum please refer to the Terms of Service [webmasterworld.com]. Posts that violate the TOS may be edited or removed without notice.