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Founded: June 29, 2000


Running a website today has never been more of a challenge, and understanding the complex interactions between various technologies is vital to a successful online presence. The Website Technology Issues forum is the place where "it all comes together" - pulling in the various aspects of web development and focused on the technologies and tools used to getting a website online and running successfully.

With new protocols and standards, and various levels of support for them, we can't begin to keep up with it all. This forum is dedicated to those times when you need pointing in the right direction with the technology-related side of running a website.

Topics Covered

This forum is dedicated to the discussion of the following non-exhaustive list of protocols, programs and technologies. Discussion of other web-related technologies not mentioned below is also welcomed, providing there is no other more specific forum which covers the subject.


  • DNS setup and issues, DNSSEC, nameservers, A-record vs CNAME, TTL, round-robin, reverse DNS...
  • CDNs, caching, proxies, squid, load-balancing, geolocation
  • IPv4/IPv6, internet protocols, dedicated/shared IP addresses
  • site and server setup, HTTP errors (401/403/500...), authentication, SSL, https
  • best practices surrounding site management (SSH, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV...)
  • bandwidth usage, optimization
  • P3P, OpenID

    Client- and server-side technology:

  • Apache alternatives (light/specialist web server software - nginx, lighttpd) - setup and optimization
  • client-side programs for site management (FTP programs, Putty, wget)
  • basic server management: cPanel, Plesk, setting up subdomains, mailing lists, ...
  • generalized discussion of server/hosting choices (shared vs VPS vs dedicated, Windows vs Linux), hosting from home (caveat: no specific hosts please, see "Hosting discussions" section below)
  • version control (subversion, git)

    Email issues:

  • mailing lists
  • spam prevention
  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) vs Sender ID Framework
  • MX records
  • mailserver software (sendmail/postfix/exim/qmail)

    Website Security Issues:

  • DNS poisoning, iframe injection, viruses/worms, buffer overflows, general secure programming advice


  • Java, C++, ColdFusion, Python, other programming languages without specific forums.

    Website Technology news stories:

  • We welcome timely, authoritative and credible news stories regarding website technology issues such as those mentioned above from sites such as: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, PCWorld, Wired, The BBC, CNN, NBC... etc.

    Topics not covered

    If there is a more specific forum for the technology or programming language, please use that forum first.

    Technologies covered in other forums:

  • JavaScript topics are covered in JavaScript and AJAX [webmasterworld.com]
  • Microsoft-specific: Microsoft IIS Web Server and ASP.NET [webmasterworld.com] or Microsoft Windows OS Usage - NT - XP - Vista [webmasterworld.com]
  • Apache: Apache Web Server [webmasterworld.com]
  • Perl: Perl Server Side CGI Scripting [webmasterworld.com]
  • PHP: PHP Server Side Scripting [webmasterworld.com]
  • XML, RSS and syndication: XML Development [webmasterworld.com] or RSS, ATOM, and Related Technologies [webmasterworld.com]
  • CMS and blog scripts: Content Management [webmasterworld.com]
  • Wireless networking, mobile devices and location aware technologies: Smartphone, Wireless, and Mobile Technologies [webmasterworld.com]
  • Hardware: Webmaster Hardware [webmasterworld.com]

    Hosting discussions:

    Discussion and/or recommendation of hosting companies is no longer allowed in public forums at WebmasterWorld. We are closing the floodgates to get a better handle on the spam that always crops up in hosting discussions. Note that WebmasterWorld Supporters [webmasterworld.com] have access to a dedicated forum for Webhosting Issues and Options [webmasterworld.com].

    Site Reviews and Links:

    We do NOT accept requests for site reviews, links to "test pages", "examples", screen shots or personal URLs of any nature. Please do not post any information of any kind that leads people to find your site or any other. This means no domain names or search terms, and includes drawing attention to your profile. For the security of our members, please never link to hacked websites or scripts.

    We prefer to educate by giving authoritative resources and thereby prevent any possible conflicts of interest. Furthermore, links may change, rendering the thread useless to someone a few months, or even weeks, from now. Verbalized problem descriptions will be useful for years to come!