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WebmasterWorld Weekly Roundup March 28

11:10 pm on Mar 28, 2013 (gmt 0)

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I keep hearing about social media failing to live up to the hype. I quite believe it's being over-hyped, judging by the contents of my mailbox. It's packed with messages from businesses and individuals pushing social media solutions.

I know it works, but not as some of the wild claims make out.

I have some experiments going on right now where i've selected some businesses and offered them some free social media marketing. The free marketing means I know they will do it, where they probably wouldn't have otherwise. The key factors for me are the sectors in which they are involved. None of these are in the traditional social media success areas, such as personalities or bands.

It's a small scale test, primarily for me to understand what's working and what's not.

It's only just started, and I can't wait to see the trends and results.

One quick reminder on another subject, don't forget, if you're planning on attending Pubcon New Orleans, book up before the rate rise next week.

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Last week's WebmasterWorld Weekly is here.

Welcome to this week's WebmasterWorld Weekly Roundup.

We had a Google AdSense site review teardown last week. WebmasterWorld Members discuss in detail what's really behind a 50pct earnings increase.Google AdSense

Following on from some high profile big brands getting a penalty and a quick recovery, Google's Matt Cutts said that big brands don't have the upper hand in Google's SERPs. WebmasterWorld Members had their view on the topic. What do you think?Google

Last week we heard that Google invited all Google Analytics customers to try Universal Analytics. Have you tried it yet?

In a busy and heated thread, site accessibility was in the news when we heard that Advocates for Disabled Americans were suing sites failing to comply with the ADA.

Yahoo spent a handsome sum to acquire a news aggregator app, Summly, and announced it will close the app. Yahoo

Learn how negative keywords impact on your AdWords Quality Score. WebmasterWorld Members discussed the benefits of using large numbers of negative keywords.

How is it that small sites suddenly gain high positions in Google SERPs? WebmasterWorld Members discuss how high positioning in Google SERPs is achieved.

The Language Council of Sweden has dropped the term "ungoogleable" from its list of new words, following pressure from Google to adapt its definition to something more flattering for the company.

One of the World's larger hosting companies, 1and1, is to deactivate MySQL 4 databases on May 1st, 2013, potentially result in many blogs and sites going offline. It's a good idea to make sure your sites, if hosted there, are transferred to MySQL 5.

A Linux user group has filed a complaint to the European Union regulators over Microsoft Windows 8. In its 14-page complaint, Hispalinux said Windows 8 contained an "obstruction mechanism" called UEFI Secure Boot that controls the start-up of the computer and means users must seek keys from Microsoft to install another operating system.

According to a security company, most browser installations use outdated versions of the Java plug-in that are vulnerable to at least one of several exploits currently used in popular Web attack toolkits.Java

This week we covered a story titled, "DDoS Attack Slows Internet and May Be The Largest Publicly Known." Before investigating the detail I hadn't noticed much difference, and I didn't see too many reports of problems. However, we covered the story anyway. What do you think, were you affected?

News this week that Google is launching a Shopping Express limited launch, same-day delivery experiment to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Google announced that it has enhanced its Analytics real time-reports for users to gain knowledge and react faster to trends.

Google says, Google News is not a marketing service, and went on to say, "and we consider articles that employ these types of promotional tactics to be in violation of our quality guidelines." It was pretty forthright and said that sites failing to comply may lose their position in Google News.

Amazon is facing a revolt from small traders as the internet retailer that describes itself as "Earth's most customer-centric" company plans to impose a wave of fee hikes on third parties that use its network to sell consumer electronics, automotive parts and other goods in the UK and across Europe.Amazon

I heard that Google is to deprecate its search API for Shopping. Find out more in our thread.

This week we asked the question, "will Windows Blue be the end of the desktop?" Have your say in our thread on the topic.

Facebook is still expanding its operations with the news that it is to build a second campus in Menlo Park. Facebook

First stats come in from comScore's new Media Metrix Multi-Platform which measures both desktop and mobile stats. A close look at the detail uncovers some interesting facts about mobile usage. No surprise with Google at the top, Yahoo second, and Microsoft third. The interesting stats come further down, with Facebook, Amazon and AOL sites.
There's a handy table embedded in that news release from comScore. Read more in our thread on the topic.

Have you found some news that we haven't covered or discussed, drop me a message, or post it yourself and let me know.
Enjoy your week!


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