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Unprecedented Internet Censorship Bill Passes UK House of Commons:
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Running a website is a complex task, often requiring a wide set of skills to deal with the daily topics and issues that can occur. From servers to promotion, we are the web's "jack of all trades" (as we say in North America).

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General topics related to Webmastering. If there is a more specific forum, please post there (eg: graphics discussion in the graphics forum). Search engine marketing topics can be posted in Webmaster General where they are not specific to a particular engine (eg: Google discussions should be posted in the Google forum). Even though this forum is called "Webmaster General" please post enough information to begin a serious discussion. Overly general questions and topics that have been frequently covered are of little value to the community. No StickyMail requests or announcements - please provide your information publicly or keep the PM private.

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Public discussion and/or recommendation of hosting companies is no longer allowed at WebmasterWorld. We are closing the floodgates to get a better handle on the spam that always crops up in hosting discussions.

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Before posting urls in this forum please refer to Terms of Service [webmasterworld.com] #'s 3, 13, 20, 21 & 25. Forum Moderator is a volunteer position and we do other things, so especially in a forum like Webmaster General, we cannot remember or research and analyze the interests and motivations of every member who posts a url. Therefore any url that is personal, promotional, monetized, etc will be strictly edited and exceptions will only be made for authoritative or newsworthy sources. If you want to reinforce a public post with a link that cannot be posted, you may use private mail for that purpose, as long as you keep that fact private as well.