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Keeping track of links and variables

3:10 pm on Oct 3, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Hi folks, this is a bit of an odd question maybe but...

I was wondering how everyone likes to keep track of their code?

To elaborate, I've been working on a little pet project for a while, through various incarnations and I've had the odd spot of bother when I get a bunch of pages sending variables about to other pages via forms or session data or appended to the address with a something.php?thingy=stuff.

In my latest version of said site I'm porting all the old code I've written across to it in bits and bobs that I want, and commenting the hell out of it a bit better this time in an effort to keep on top of things as more pages and functionality get added. i.e. // this variable sent from page2.php and such

I haven't got into oophp yet so I'm doing whatever the other non oop version is...procedural I think is the word.

I don't code that fast and unfortunately have a real-life job outdoors I have to go do, and a life to lead socialising at times when I must :) I'm a one cat in his bedroom coding operation and I sometimes find it takes a bit of time getting your head round it all again when you come back to it.

I'm not sure I've put the matter too clearly here, but I thought about getting out a biro the other day and a big bit of paper and attempting some kind of flow chart of pages and variables just to put it into some kind of more easily visualised perspective if you see what I mean. And I wondered...

Does anyone else ever get this, and I wonder what they do?