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New Twitter Desktop Rolling Out

11:02 am on Jul 16, 2019 (gmt 0)

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Twitter is rolling out a new desktop UI which is says is easier to navigate, making the features easier to find and access. It also has an expanded DM with everything in one place.
Logging in and logging out has also been improved.

1:19 pm on Sept 18, 2019 (gmt 0)

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So, do you like it as it is now?
2:18 pm on Sept 18, 2019 (gmt 0)

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What they're doing is "Pulling a FB" - making it increasingly difficult and confusing to actually log out banking on the fact that a sizeable enough percentage of users will simply "give up" trying to find the sign out option and remain signed in in the background, where they can continue to serve twitter ads (even if to nobody) run in the background and continue to collect Data..

Facebook started making it ridiculous to sign out circa 2012/13, even before they started shoving Messenger down eveyone's throats as a separate app to also run (constantly) in the background that somehow took up as much storage as the entire FB app itself, yet only had SMS functionality -...

It's also worth noting that even thought their user base is smaller than FB (actually a little smaller than Reddit) they actually have one of the highest annual income per user of any social media platform... FB is something aroundt $2, Twitter is around $8/user, YT is around $12/user, Reddit is abysmal like $0.30 per user (but they're notoriously cheap and the users are all millenials who think everything should be free, ad-free, and fully featured with perfectly maintained (yet the $ to pay for such service should come from thin air)...

Anyway, back to Twitter - point in pointing out their income per user - they know how to maxiise it, and they're not really "hurting" - they're just shedding a few more scruples and employing tactics more like FB (a progressively less user friendly UI that encourages accidental ad clicks and makes it impossible to sign out for many users, and is designed to purposely confuse les experienced users)

Just my 2 cents
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