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Perl is called The Duct Tape of the Internet. From forums to large search engines, scripting languages have transformed the internet from static content into dynamically generated and easy to update pages through the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) standard. Perl, PHP, shell scripts, and other script oriented programming languages are the heart of the internet. These languages present some unique challenges for old pros as well as those new to scripting.

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This forum is specific to the Perl programming language which is used to run CGI scripts on the web server in support of website operations.

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  • perl.org
  • perl.com
  • cpan.org
  • perlfoundation.org
  • pm.org
  • perlmonks.org
  • perlbuzz.com
  • perlsphere.net
  • dev.mysql.com
  • stonehenge.com
  • perl.plover.com
  • apache.org
  • w3c.org
  • sourceforge.net
  • hotscripts.com

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