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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | September 2015
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Did you spot the shifts in Google SERPs this week? WebmasterWorld Members are renowned for their astuteness and observations, and have been reporting changes to Google SERPs in our September 2015 update thread. Google has remained tight-lipped over what these changes might be, so it?s pure speculation as to whether it?s a test, or something more noteworthy, but what?s clear is that it?s been the most significant change in quite a few weeks. A number of suggestions for the name of this change including, ?Equinox? as it happened around the time of the equinox. However, often, it?s best not to name changes, especially if they are just tests.

As Google have remained silent on this update, it?s quite likely it was a test, although Google have been much quieter on commenting on updates, tests and changes in recent times.

Find out more in our September Google SERPs Update thread.

Other news this month included Bing closing Link Explorer, which was a useful tool for Webmasters and SEOs. Sad to see it go, but, there?s still the Inbound Links tool available within Webmaster Tools.

Google?s cookie consent remains a hot topic since it was announced last month, and many webmasters and publishers are still confused over the announcement from Google. Join our thread to learn how you can comply with the required cookie consent.

Some other hot topics this month include news about click fraud, ad blocking, and various security alerts for WordPress sites, amongst others. Did you miss those? Follow the links in this newsletter, and let?s have your views and comments on these hot topics and news.

Here?s another reminder this month for you to update your profile on WebmasterWorld if you?re looking for work, and you?d like to offer your skills and experience to others. As usual, here?s another plug for the fantastic, free, Webmaster, SEO and social media toolset for WebmasterWorld Members. http://freetools.webmasterworld.com/

This email newsletter features only a small selection of the news and discussions in the past month, so if you want to keep up-to-date on a daily basis, make our home page your daily destination. https://www.webmasterworld.com

We look forward to seeing you in the forums!

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