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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | September 2014

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Welcome to the September edition of WebmasterWorld's Monthly e-mail.

Since our last newsletter, the news that Google's Authorship was to be removed from the SERPs was not entirely unexpected, but was discussed in depth at WebmasterWorld. However, some people are slightly confused by what this means. Just because Google has removed it from the SERPs does not mean it's gone entirely. Authorship is likely to remain a ranking signal for Google, so it's still a valuable tool in the arsenal. Some might call it Author Rank.

Google's updates appear to be merging into one long dance, with reports coming in of SERPs swinging about almost every day. What we're watching closely for is the next Penguin update, and it seems we will have to wait for an algorithm refresh before we'll see recovery for some. However, Panda updates have been more regular, and as we write this there's a Panda update rolling out, dubbed 4.1, along with Google hitting more and more link networks.

What to look out for, perhaps before the next newsletter, is a possible new Google Penguin update which may affect the SERPs far more significantly, with the hope that those hit by previous Penguin slaps will see a recovery.

Bing has continued to give us further insights into how it evaluates sites, so don't miss those threads for reminders and ideas.

In other news, we have continued to develop our new home page with additional features to help you find the topics of interest. We've also upgraded the WebmasterWorld Profiles making it easier for you to find information about the membership. If you're a developer looking for work it'd be worth your while making sure you have all your details up-to-date.

We're Feeling Lucky,
Jim and Neil

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