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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | August 2017

WebmasterWorld Newsletter
In the Northern Hemisphere, for many, it's vacation time, and it's proving to be an interesting time for traffic and conversions for those working. One of the hottest topics this month is Google AdSense and earnings, and our threads show there are major problems because of some ad problems. The big questions are being discussed in our threads. Where now for AdSense?

We've also got some great new topics for beginners and Professionals this month.

As usual, it's worth mentioning that WebmasterWorld has an extensive selection of free SEO/SEM tools, which you can access by following the links in this newsletter.

Let's get straight down to some of the hot topics this month. Join the discussions and learn more in the forums. We hope you like the new format.

We're Feeling Lucky
Jim and Neil

Here are some of WebmasterWorld's Hottest Discussions and News this month.

Google Updates and SERP Changes - August 2017
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes for August.

Google Updates and SERP Changes - July 2017
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes for July.

Google AdSense: Reports of Huge CPC Drops
WebmasterWorld Members discuss the huge CPC drops in Google AdSense, and what might be causing it.

August 2017 AdSense Earnings & Observations
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google AdSense and weather reports is a hot thread this time.

Web Development Success is Often Built on the Lessons of Webdev Fails 
If you're new to web development the content of this thread could give you a head start. If you're experienced, let's hear your contributions: We were all beginners once upon a time.

Google's Shopper Tracking Attracts Complaint to FTC
Google's plan to track and connect bricks and mortar purchases to online advertising has attracted a complaint to the FTC over privacy concerns.

Google Image Search on Mobile Now With Badges
Google's images search for the web and in the Android app now shows badges on images.

Being a Webmaster
WebmasterWorld members discuss what is it that a webmaster does, and why have a website? How do you get started?

Facebook Will Boost Rank of Faster Loading Pages In The Newsfeed
Facebook will now apply a higher ranking for pages that are faster loading, so there’s a great reason to make sure there’s no extra baggage.

Google Quality Rater Guidelines Updated July 27, 2017
Google has updated its Quality Rater Guidelines again, dated July 27, 2017, and it’s a must read for anyone wanting to ensure compliance. Follow the link in the thread to download the Guidelines document.

Facebook "Watch" Video Could Earn Publishers Up To 55pct
Facebook has revamped its video section which allows its partners to earn as much as 55% of the revenue earned.

Where The Internet is Headed
WebmasterWorld Members discuss the future of the Internet, and look at new technologies, and new opportunities.

Google to Run Silent 6-Second Video Previews in SERPs
News broke that Google is to run silent, six second previews of videos in SERPs.

How Do You Build Webpages?
WebmasterWorld Members discuss how beginners might go about building web pages and sites.

Fake Google Company Shut Down by UK Insolvency Service
A company using deceptive methods to fool people into thinking it was affiliated with Google, or represented it, has been closed down by the authorities in the UK.

Best Practice For Passwords Updated
Passwords can't yet be avoided, so it's always good to get advice on the best tips and tricks.

YouTube Creators: New Icons Show Money Earning Options
YouTube has created new icons to help creators find out what earning options there are on their videos.

Facebook Now Has Dynamic Ads For Real Estate
Facebook has extended its Dynamic Ads by adding ads for Real Estate.

YouTube App Adds New Friends and Family Sharing
YouTube has added a new friends and family chat sharing feature on its app, so there’s now more opportunity for viral marketing.

Bitcoin Value Surges to Record Highs
The news that Bitcoin has reached a new high suggests there’s a great deal of interest in the cryptocurrency.

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