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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | August 2013

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Welcome to our Second WebmasterWorld monthly newsletter. This past month has been a flurry of major changes in our industry, and our newsletter reflects lots of this news from discussions at WebmasterWorld.

Did you see the 70+ tools we released last week on WebmasterWorld? If not, check them out, they're free, but some are very powerful ninja tools :). Over the coming months, we'll be adding even more new free tools, keep your eyes out, there's some killer tools about to come out!

Here are some of the hottest discussion topics on WebmasterWorld from this past month in case you missed any.

Jim BoykinI'm Feeling Lucky,
Jim Boykin

WebmasterWorld Hot Discussion Topics:


Google now reports manual webspam actions in WMT

Restoring link trust with Google is now vital. Here's how :

Google Updates and SERP Changes - August 2013

2 years trying to recover from panda.

Cheap Link Building Packages -Subscription required

Press Releases - Are they spam?

Experiment testing the effect of visitor interaction on rankings

Redirecting without risking passage of a penalty? -Subscription required

Google Panda Update: Reportedly, Softer, Better Targeted Update>

Multiple Domains Crowding Out Google SERPs

White Hat Method to get right backlinks -Subscription required

Top Five Attributes to Make a Site Useful to Users


How to Manage Twitter Account With Multiple Users


Google Publishes Guidelines For Optimizing Mobile Site Pages

Why Should I Develop A Mobile Website


How Accurate Are Keywords Listed In Google Analytics


File A DMCA Against A Scraper Who Hosts Their Own Site?


Newly Released/Updated W3C Guidelines for Accessibility

Advocates For Disabled Americans Sue Sites Failing To Comply With ADA


Bing Expands Autosuggest Categories

Google Shopping:

Google Shopping Product Feeds: Unique Product Identifier Specification Ramps Up


CSS Hacks are Dead!


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