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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | July 2017

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Weíre having fun monitoring Googleís SERPs this month with updates right now looking like a reset of some kind going on. There were many winners and losers throughout the month, as usual, but thereís a strong indication that thereís a roll back to May. Check our SERPs changes for May.

Some of the main observations this month include reports of more domain crowding, which has been going on for some time, and Google seem unable to fix it, unless itís a strategic move on its part. Domain crowding just ends up giving one site greater prominence and others less opportunity to appear. The other aspect causing frustration for webmasters is the apparent declining organic SERPs. Itís creeping up on most people with many users not even noticing that so many more ads crowd the SERPs, along with maps, answer boxes, etc.

There were several other Google tweaks and changes in the last few weeks, and you can join the conversation in the links in this newsletter.

Two big stories about content removal broke this year (see below), and itís clear that the search services and social media companies are going to have to make much greater efforts to remove content once itís been deemed inappropriate.

WebmasterWorld has an extensive selection of free tools, and you can access these by following the links in this newsletter. Weíre frequently asked about doing site reviews, and many donít realize we have a Pro Area for Members to submit their sites for reviews. The Pro Area also provides a much more relaxed forum discussion. As before, follow the links in this newsletter to find out more.

Letís get down to some of the hot topics this month. Join the discussions and learn more in the forums.

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Here are some of WebmasterWorld's Hottest Discussions and News this month.

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Negative SEO Is Alive and Well

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Microsoft Signals the End of its Graphics Program, Paint, within Windows 10

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