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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | July 2015
WebmasterWorld Newsletter
This month’s newsletter is slightly earlier than normal due to summer holidays in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s also one where there have been rumblings of a Google update. For sure, something has been going on for a few days now, and it looks like there’s a lot of volatility in the SERPs. Let’s have your observations to add to the interesting remarks already made.

During the last few weeks there’s been a great deal of speculation over Penguin and Panda, as there often is most months. Google was asked when will there be an update to these two black and white mammal-named algorithms? Google’s response is not straightforward, and if you follow our forums closely, you’ll know it’s becoming even tougher to understand the responses from its representatives. There’s much speculation that it’s going on in the background, and in an extremely slow process. Join our discussions on these topics, or start a new one and let’s have your observations.

One of the exciting news stories we wanted to share was the news that one of WebmasterWorld’s Moderators, Dixon Jones, met the Queen of England, as part of the Queen’s Award to Industry. This is terrific news, and well deserved.

It seems never a month goes by without more breaches in security, and this month is no exception. The importance of keeping your systems updated, and adding site security to your regular monitoring is becoming even more essential. Don’t get caught out!

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We look forward to your discussions in the forums.

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Jim and Neil

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