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Welcome to the July edition of our WebmasterWorld Monthly e-mail.

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News that Google is lifting restrictions on the use of real names in Google+ was received with mixed views. Some may think that it's a climb-down from Google's strong stance of real names only, while others welcome it. Is it a good thing, or is Google just lifting restrictions to gain more traction? Join our threads on the topic.

It's also worth noting other news from a week or so ago that Google is dropping author images from the SERPs. I suspect that announcement was a precursor to the real name restrictions being lifted.

Don't assume just because Google no longer requires a real name in Google+ that you'll be anonymous. Google will know who you are and where you post using the nic you've chosen. And, of course, you'll still be a target for Google's marketing.

What's your view of Google+ finally gaining traction? Join our discussions on the topic.

On the subject of Google and the Knowledge Graph: With Google's Knowledge graph taking up more real estate we felt it's time to refresh our research and reports of optimization for the knowledge graph. Join our thread on the topic and let's see if we can all learn how to optimize our sites and services.

In the last few weeks we've refreshed our new home page and added some additional links. Take a look at our new home page: We'd welcome your feedback.

We're Feeling Lucky,
Jim and Neil

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