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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | June 2018

WebmasterWorld Newsletter
June was an unusual month for Google SERPs watchers with a few relatively small shifts, one of which initially looked like a reversal of a previous change. As we all know, Google is constantly testing and tweaking, and itís quite likely it was a test and Google engineers decided the changes didnít give the required results, so they rolled it back. Also, weíre expecting more news from Google about Mobile First Indexing developing, so do join our conversations on the topic.

Oh, and donít forget that Google has rebranded AdWords to Google Ads. As with last month, GDPR, data protection and privacy are still hot topics, and we have a number of threads with discussions showing itís still a challenge for many webmasters and businesses. Some would argue that business should have been better prepared for GDPR, however, itís only in the last six to nine months that it really came on the radar. Article 11 and 13 are the next topics of which to take note.

We hope youíre making the most of the summer in the northern hemisphere, and without further ado, hereís a selection of this monthís news and hot topics at WebmasterWorld.

Brett and Neil

Here are some of WebmasterWorld's Hottest Discussions and News this month.

Google Updates and SERP Changes - June 2018
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes for June.

Google Updates and SERP Changes - May 2018
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes for May.

Google AdWords is Now Rebranded to Google Ads
Google AdWords is now becoming known as to Google Ads.

The Future for Publisher Income With the Rise of Ad Blockers
WebmasterWorld Members discuss how publishers can go forward with the rise of ad blockers.

Adblock Plus Now Blocks Social Media Tracking Buttons
Chrome and Firefox users with Adblock will now get social media tracking blocked by the software.

Microsoft Edge For Android and iOS Gets Adblock Plus
Microsoft is Edge is getting Adblock Plus in Android, with iOS to follow.

Google Rolls Out URL Inspection Tool
Google is rolling out a new URL Inspection tool in Search Console.

Essential HTTPS Security Headers
WebmasterWorld Members discuss essential security headers.

Firefox Tests "Monitor" Security Tool For User Data Breach Checks
Mozilla says it's about to start testing Firefox Monitor.

Vulnerability In All Versions of WordPress, Including 4.9.6
Limited vulnerability, but especially for multiple author sites.

How New Sites Perform in Google 2018
WebmasterWorld Members discuss how a new site performs in 2018.

Google Search Console Now With 16 Months Data
At last, google has now said it's now available.

E.U. Legal Affairs Committee Votes for Article 11 and Article 13 Copyright Directive
The E.U.'s legal affairs committee has voted for the Copyright Directive and in favor of Article 11 and Article 13 today.

WiFi Alliance Starts Certifying Products Supporting WPA3
The WiFi Alliance has started to certify products supporting WPA3-Personal and WPA3-Enterprise.

Court Rules Yelp Can't be Ordered to Remove Negative Reviews
This is a significant ruling in terms of free speech, and of liability, and means that companies such as yelp cannot be held liable for a users' reviews on its system.

Google To Disable Inline Installation of Extensions To Chrome
Google has said it'll disable inline installation of Chrome extensions, starting with newly published extensions right now...

Net Experts Open Letter Opposing E.U.'s Article 13 Copyright Provision
Over 70 Internet pioneers and experts have signed an open letter aimed at the E.U.'s Article 13 which they claim being a dangerous provision whereby Internet platforms would be required to automatically filter any uploaded content.

Trade Groups Prepare to Battle Over E.U.'s ePrivacy
A number of trade groups are preparing to battle the E.U.'s ePrivacy Regulation which is aimed to protect individuals through confidentiality of electronic communications.

GDPR Has EMail Marketers Concerned as Few Users Are Opening Privacy Updates
Lots of these messages are the result of the E.U.'s GDPR, and many e-mail marketers are getting concerned as the early stats indicate as many as 80% are not even opening the messages.

E.U. Court Rules Facebook and Fan Page Admins are Jointly Responsible for Data Protection
A top court in the E.U. has ruled that Facebook and Fan Page administrators are jointly responsible for the data protection.

New Intel CPU Problem: "Lazy FP State Restore"
Intel has published another CPU vulnerability: Lazy FP state restore technique.

WordPress SEO Plugin May Negatively Affect Ranking: Requires Updating
It's always good practice to keep the plugins updated.

Microsoft Acquires GitHub for $7.5 billion
"Microsoft is a developer-first company, and by joining forces with GitHub we strengthen our commitment to developer freedom, openness and innovation," said Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft.

ICANN Publishes gTLD Marketplace Health Index (beta)
ICANN has published gTLD Marketplace Health Index (beta), first published in 2016...

Instagram Launches IGTV Hour-Long Video
Instagram is launching IGTV, a long-form (up to one hour) video for creators.

WU.S. Supreme Court Rules States Can Force eShoppers to Pay Sales Tax
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that States can require e-sales tax collection.

Information Privacy Virus Spreads to Local Governments
Another privacy mine is about to get placed as the City of Chicago discusses privacy legislation.

Google Play Adding Android App Verification Metatdata

Facebook Says Which Businesses Had Special Access Rights to User Data

Google AdSense Now in Telugu Language

Wikipedia Italy Shuts Down to Protest Over E.U. Copyright Proposals

PayPal Checkout Now Has Smart Options for Ecommerce

June 2018 AdSense Earnings & Observations

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