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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | June 2015
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Google RankBrain is likely to be playing a bigger role in webmaster search traffic these days, and, according to a Google engineer, RankBrain is "involved in every query."  We already know that RankBrain is Machine Learning helping understand a query and making a filter on the results. RankBrain changes the traditional idea of a database, and a set algorithmic filters, such as Panda, or even Penguin. Machine Learning, or Artificial Intelligence, is becoming more commonplace in so many more systems, and we're going to see a great deal more of it in the coming years. Check out how RankBrain is affecting the latest Google update. Oh, and will we ever see another Penguin or Panda update? Join our discussion on the topics.

We have a number of hot news stories this month which are going to affect users and markets, depending upon the outcomes. Yahoo is selling off its patents as we all await the outcome of the sale of the company. A Class Action lawsuit against Google over AdWords will proceed, ruled by the U.S. Supreme court, and Microsoft is to buy LinkedIn for a massive $26.2 billion.

There's been a number of high profile security breaches in the last few weeks, and it's so extensive that every reader of this newsletter ought to be changing their passwords on the affected services, along with ensuring that passwords are not re-used. Follow the links in this newsletter for the detail, and why not join the discussion on the topics?

Any forward thinking webmaster and marketer ought to review the comprehensive "2016 State of the Internet Trends Report." You'll find the video and some notes in our thread on this important subject.

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