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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | June 2015
WebmasterWorld Newsletter
How have your Google rankings improved? What do you want to know about Google SERPs changes? By crowdsourcing the input from people such as you we can all learn from each other. This month WebmasterWorld Members reviewed the changes to Google's SERPs in a number of threads. No stone is unturned as we discuss the Panda refresh, a "quality refresh," core algo refresh, and an update dubbed "news wave." Don't get left behind on these updates and news as we have some interesting observations in this month's threads. See the links below to join in the discussions.

Bing's about to encrypt search traffic by default. Remember when Google did that we lost all the lovely keyword data and "not provided" became the default. Bing says it's not going that way, just yet.

We've even more changes coming to WebmasterWorld this month, so do look out for some new buttons and some updated profile options. Oh, and don't forget our great, free, Webmaster SEO Toolset. Yes, it's free, and you can find the tools here.

As ever, there's lots more news and discussion on WebmasterWorld, and this newsletter highlights only a few of the hottest topics since our last newsletter.

We do welcome your feedback.

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Here are some of WebmasterWorld's Hottest Discussions and News this month.
Google Updates and SERP Changes - June 2015

Google Panda Refresh Expected in 2 - 4 Weeks

Core Google Algorithm Change, not Panda = Everflux as Usual?

June 17 Google Algorithm Changes: "News-Wave Update"

Google Webmaster Tools Renamed to Search Console

Bing Moving to Encrypt Search Traffic by Default

Google Announces "News Lab" For Journalists and Entrepreneurs

Bing App Indexing SEO

Mobile Is Not Destroying Desktop Traffic

Resurrecting Old Websites

Google Confirms "Buy Button" To Appear "Imminently" in SERPs

Monitoring Bounce Rate from Google Serps

Long Tail Keywords: The SEO Opportunity

LogJam Encryption Algo May Block Thousands of HTTPS Sites

Google Trends Major Refresh - Now Shows Search,YouTube and Google News

Twitter Now Makes Conversations Easier To Follow

Firefox Adds Pocket, Webmasters Voice Copyright Concerns

Google Shopping Feed Specification and Product Taxonomy Updated

Google Location Aware Search is Live

Twitter Rolls Out Block List Sharing for Privacy and Safety

Report: New Apple Safari To Feature Ad Blocking Option

Twitter Project Lightening - Event-Based Curated Content

Facebook Can Now Send You PGP Encrypted Notifications

Pinterest Makes Buying From Pinned Images a Reality in The US

Apple News App Terms and Conditions Presumed, Unless You Opt Out

Apple Sending Vehicles To Photograph Streets in UK and Ireland

Amazon Uses Artificial Intelligence To Tackle Fake Product Reviews

Twitter Announces Audience Insights Tool For Advertisers

Don't Let Your Promotional Domains Expire

France Gives Google 15-Days To Comply With "Right to be Forgotten," Globally

Google Undo Send for Gmail On The Web

Today's FREE and BEST Business Model

Yahoo announces plans to kill off several services

2015 Internet Trends

Yandex Releases Beta Version Of Its Browser, With Privacy Turned On By Default

LastPass Hacked: Time to change your master password

Facebook's Experimental Algo For Facial Recognition Gets Smarter

eBay Sells Craigslist Stake Back To The Company

Twitter's CEO, Dick Costolo, Steps Down

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