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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | June 2014

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WebmasterWorld Newsletter

Welcome to the June edition of our WebmasterWorld Monthly e-mail.

If you haven't seen it yet, there's a new homepage at WebmasterWorld.com! It's nothing radical, but we feel it's a great improvement.

We've also added new sections for "Hot Threads" where you can view the Hot Threads by Today, Yesterday, This Week, and This Month. We even built in a filter so you can see the hottest threads by any forum topic! Thanks to phranque and incrediBILL for programming, and with guidance from engine, we have the start of design improvements to WebmasterWorld.

Some of the most popular threads in WebmasterWorld this month revolve around Google updates, as well as negative SEO.

In the past 30 days, we've seen some big updates at Google, including a new "spammy queries update", and then Panda 4.0, as well as the "Secret Google Updates" which are being discussed, too.

So, with Google now penalizing websites for bad backlinks, some say that Negative SEO is easier than ever, and there's even a "How to Tank a site 101" thread going on right now. Luckily, there's also a thread about "Solutions to Combat Negative SEO Campaigns".

In addition to those excellent discussions, we have many conversations on a wide variety of internet marketing news in some of the hottest threads this month, which we've included in this newsletter.

We're Feeling Lucky,
jimsthoughts and engine (Jim and Neil)

Here are some of Hottest Discussions this Month.

Google Updates and SERP Changes - June 2014

Google Panda 4.0

Blocked CSS & JS Apparently Causing Large Panda 4 Drops

Google Update Targeting Spammy Queries, Algorithm 3.0

Negative SEO May Now Be Easier Than Ever

Negative SEO - How to Tank a Site 101

Solutions To Combat Negative SEO Campaigns

Google's Secret Updates Leave Small Sites Scrambling

Lawsuit Accuses Google of AdSense Widespread Fraud

Google's Better Understanding of JavaScript on Sites

Google: Link Drops In Forums Is Spam and Will Get The Dropped Site Penalised

Google Update Targeting Spammy Queries, Algorithm 3.0

Bing Webmaster Community Forum Resources Redeployed

Fetch as Google Tool Expanded To Show Fetch and Render

Google Opens "Right to be Forgotten" Form For E.U.

Flaws in Popular SEO plug-in put WordPress websites at risk

DuckDuckGo Gets Added to Safari

Microsoft Bing Celebrates 5-Years

Google AdSense Releases New Ad Sizes

Cyberattack Locks Apple Devices

Twitter Acquires Mobile Native Ads Company, Namo Media

Twitter and Omnicom Reach $230 Million Mobile Ad Deal

OpenSSL Serious Vulnerability Notice; Affects Versions Patched After Heartbleed

WordPress.com To Serve All Sites Via HTTPS

Facebook Q and A: Page Ranking and Organic Reach

Chrome overtakes IE to become most popular browser

YouTube To Start Removing Suspended Accounts From Subscriber Counts

Google Publishes an Updated Guide To Site Moves

Bing Publishes Sitemaps Best Practice, for Small To Large Sites

Google "My Business" Launched: Makes It Easier To Update Info In One Place

dot UK Now Available For a Shorter, Snappier UK Domain

Responsive AdSense ads: Your thoughts so far?

Welcome To WebmasterWorld's New Home Page

WordPress Clamping Down on False DMCA Takedowns

YouTube Will Block Indie Labels Over Subscription Service Launch

Bing To Get "Catapult" Network Architecture To Test Improved Search Speed and Efficiency

Facebook Launches Slingshot App To U.S. Users

Bing Ads Express (Beta) To Close

Google Manual Action Over 302 Redirect

Bing Ads Bid Landscape Tool at Ad Group Level

June 2014 AdSense Earnings and Observations

WebmasterWorld Weekly Round-Up 22 June


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