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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | May 2017

WebmasterWorld Newsletter
Yes, it's another month with some big Google changes going on, with lots of feedback in our forum threads as we try to evaluate the winners and losers, and assess the impact to our sites. There's some great feedback, but we do need yours, too, so we can best understand what's working and what's not in Google's SERPs.

One of the other notes worth mentioning is the latest Google test to drop the first organic record if it's already featured as a snippet in the SERPs. Many are welcoming this as it's unfairly giving a site double exposure, while others are critical of the featured snippet for its content, which may not be the best answer, inaccurate, or even misleading, yet it's Google's featured snippet.

How does anchor text on a page influence the SERPs, or the rest of your site? There's an interesting discussion over how best to use anchor text, and what else to do to avoid the wrong page ranking in Google SERPs.

Which search engine and business robots are the general all round good guys? There's a great summary, not to be missed, in our search engine spider and user agent forum, which is a terrific resource. Virtually every bot discovered is recorded in our forum, along with the good, bad and the bandwidth hogs. Find our more and join the conversation.

WannaCrypt cyberattack got a lot of headlines this month, yet it's clear the problem stems from the huge number of out-of-date operating systems in use. There's a lesson to be learnt, and most of us reading WebmasterWorld require little reminding to update the OS, backup data, backup data, and backup data offsite.

Don't forget the popular WebmasterWorld free tools for SEO, Social, Webmasters, and general free tools on our site, along with our specialist web developers directory, and, of course, our Pro Area site reviews. Follow the links in this newsletter to find out more.

Let's get down to the forum news and topics of discussion in the last few weeks. See you in the forums.

We're Feeling Lucky
Jim and Neil

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