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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | April 2018

WebmasterWorld Newsletter
There’s been lots of talk in the Google forums over the last few weeks on a number of topics, including the latest updates which seem to have caused quite a stir. We’re also seeing more and more tests going on, some of which are frustrating webmasters even more, and this is on top of the Mobile First indexing. Featured snippets seem to be changing, too, with differing tests being noticed, some of which cut back on the emphasis of featured snippets.

Google AdSense is getting a lot of attention, too, and it’s no surprise as many publishers are seeing even pressure on their earnings. We have some great discussions on the earnings alternatives to Google AdSense, and how these might work in an ad blocking world.

One other major topic in the last few weeks has been over the E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which kicks in on May 25, 2018. Are you GDPR ready? Read our discussion topics which might open your eyes to the wide-ranging regulations.

Of course, the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook privacy issues continues to rumble on, and probably will do for many months, and possible years to come. Keep up to date by following these topics at WebmasterWorld.

Let’s get down to a selection of the most important discussion topics during the last month in the WebmasterWorld community.

Brett and Neil

Here are some of WebmasterWorld's Hottest Discussions and News this month.

Google Updates and SERP Changes - April 2018
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes for April.

Google Updates and SERP Changes - March 2018
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes for March.

Google Mobile First Indexing
Learn about best practice for Google’s mobile-first indexing.

Google Update PageRank Patent.
Yes, PageRank: This modified approach to PageRank seems to make it a bit harder to manipulate link power.

Google Appoints Ben Gomes as VP Search
Google makes a change to the VP of Search in a move which may affect how changes are implemented.

Mozilla: Internet Health Report
What's the state of the Internet we all use? Mozilla has looked at the Internet and given it a Health Report.

Mozilla Readies Virtual and Augmented Reality Browser, Firefox Reality
It's a cross-platform browser and will work on a variety of devices.

A Directory is a Utility far more than it is a Business Model
"Is a directory a convenience? A utility? An added value to a UX? So, it's not dead yet?"

Webmasters: Distrust of Symantec PKI in Chrome 66
Google says Chrome 66 trust removal may already be impacting users.

Negative SEO: Apparently, It's Not so Easy to Poison a Website's Link Power
WebmasterWorld Member tests negative SEO and link poisoning.

How About an RSS Revival
WebmasterWorld Members discuss the possibility for a RSS revival.

What Makes Good Web Content Today
WebmasterWorld Members discuss what makes "good content" in today's online world.

Chrome 66 for Windows, Mac and Linux Rolls Out
Google is releasing Chrome 66 for Windows, Mac and Linux, and this is a big change catching up on some updates promised in earlier versions, but only delivered now.

Google AdSense: Expands "Funding Choices" To Replace Lost Revenue From Ad Blocking
Google is expanding its Funding Choices beta program with the aim of helping publishers replace lost revenue through the use of ad blockers.

New API Login Standards: WebAuthn and CTAP Published
Is this the beginning of the end for user passwords?

Facebook Goes for World-Wide ToS Changes
Facebook's announcement over compliance with the new privacy laws applies to every user.

Alphabet Q1 Revenues $31.1 Billion, up 26pct Year on Year
Alphabet has reported Q1 revenues ending March 31, 2018, of $31.1 billion, up 26pct.

What does the EU's GDPR Mean for AdSense?
Most of the AdSense income is from interest-based ads. Will this be affected by the EU GDPR?

Confirmed: Google Site Speed Data Fed by Chrome Users
The short version is that Google is now using performance data aggregated from Chrome users who have opted in as a datapoint in the evaluation of site speed (and as a signal with regards to rankings).

Facebook Launches Data Abuse Bounty
A new program from Facebook could payout from $500 to $40K.

The Battle over France.com Domain
Could this happen to you? Of course, it could, so you’d better read this.

U.S. S.E.C. Fine Altaba Inc., $35 Million Over Yahoo Security Breach

WSJ: Everyone Talks Facebook Privacy, but What About Google

YouTube Removed over 8 Million Videos in Last Three Months

Facebook To Ask For Facial Recognition Consent for E.U. and Canada

Performance Improvement Speed Loading Page to Improve Google Ranking

Google Testing Infinite Scroll on Mobile SERPs

E.U.’s GDPR for Non EU Businesses

Blocking Facebook Ads in AdSense Control Panel?

Google Discontinues goo.gl March 30, 2019

No way to make money on AdSense now, because of blank ads

Are you seeing a traffic increase since Mobile-first Index switch?

Google Now Bans Crypto Mining Extensions From Chrome Store

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Locking down Privacy.

Questioning Authoritative Article on the W3

Will GDPR Kill the EU Free Web?

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