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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | April 2017

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Only last month we covered some of Google's biggest changes to the SERPs, and it looks as if there's still a number of updates going on that are impacting sites. There were several occasions of reports of changes, only as recently as this last few days. In addition, there's an interesting phenomenon right now where the automated SERPs checkers are showing big changes, but, as yet, nobody's shouting loud, yet.

In the last few days Google announced its making several "improvements" to search and suggest that some of the changes are coming in now. As with so many of these announcements of updates, especially the few we get from Google these days, it's most likely that these changes have been tested in the SERPs over time, and we've probably already been seeing some tests and transitions over recent weeks. Google's tackling the fake news issue, claiming it'll be surfacing "more high-quality content from the web." Time will tell, of course. Read more about the search quality improvements in our thread which summarizes all the changes. In addition, please contribute to our threads as you might be seeing the changes coming thorough in your sector or region and others haven't yet seen.

The popularity of WebmasterWorld's free tools always surprises us, so we're glad you like them, and you'll find a link to the tools in this newsletter. We also get many enquiries about our specialist web developers directory,  and, of course, our Pro Area site reviews. Follow the links in this newsletter to find out more.

So, it's time to look at a selection of topics and news we've been discussing in the last few weeks. See you in the forums.

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Here are some of WebmasterWorld's Hottest Discussions and News this month.
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