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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | April 2015

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WebmasterWorld Newsletter

Welcome to the April edition of WebmasterWorld's Monthly e-mail.

This month appears to have a mobile-friendly focus. No surprise, really, as, it's here, Google's much anticipated smartphone/mobile update April 21, which, as we'd predicted, has started to shake up the smartphone SERPs and impact site traffic.

We have several discussion this month on the mobile topic, and your participation will help us to assess the impact on the SERPs and, of course, the traffic. For many SERPs searches it appears there are lots of missing mobile-friendly sites. Obviously, you can still update your site and make it mobile friendly as there's no cut-off. On that subject, we've discussed how much time is involved to get a site to appear in Google's SERPs with the "mobile friendly" tag. Continuing the mobile issue, we've also been debating the alternatives to making a site responsive, and whether a dedicated mobile site is preferred.

Of course, Google Panda and Penguin remain topics of discussion and observation, and we continue to discuss this in the forums, along with some additional information to help webmasters overcome a hit from Google's black and white penalties.

Don't forget Bing, too, as it's also going through the mobile friendly labelling of its SERPs.

There is plenty of other webmaster news and educational topics in the forums this month, so it's not all Google.

Just a quick update on WebmasterWorld. Our public beta continues to be popular with our members, so if you haven't yet tried it, get on over there and log in. We're getting close to launch, and you may get another message from us very shortly as we move from public beta to going live. How to get the public beta: Log on to WebmasterWorld and see the latest "announcement" in the top menu. As ever, we really do welcome your feedback.

We're Feeling Lucky
Jim and Neil

Here are some of WebmasterWorld's Hottest Discussions and News this month.

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