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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | April 2014

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WebmasterWorld Newsletter

Welcome to the April edition of our WebmasterWorld Monthly e-mail.

Once again, it looks as if there’s a Google update going on, at the time of writing. It seemed as if there was a Panda update earlier this month, but Google has not confirmed or denied this. At WebmasterWorld we’re trying to discover what this update is, and how it’s affecting sites. Come and join in our SERPs update thread and let us know how your sites have faired.

Since our previous newsletter, we’ve discussed many hot topics, including the major issues surrounding the Heartbleed Bug, which may be the single biggest problem for Internet security in recent years.

On a different subject, earlier this month we rolled out even more new free tools, adding to the well over 100 free tools we already have on the WebmasterWorld site.

Block Image Hot Linking in .htaccess
Block IP in .htaccess
Block Language in .htaccess
Block Referer in .htaccess
Block User Agent in .htaccess

If you have any feedback on the tools, or any opf our topics, do please get in touch.

We’re Feeling Lucky,
Jim and Neil

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