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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | March 2017
WebmasterWorld Newsletter
Some of Google's biggest SERPs changes of recent times took place during the last few weeks, and we've been analyzing the data to assess exactly what the "Fred" update was all about. It seems it's a quality-related update which was targeting low value sites. It appears that the shakeup hit quite a few sites, and it's not likely to be over for a while yet. Let's have your feedback in our threads on the subject so we can better assess the impact.

Another Google topic worth a mention was the updated Google rater guidelines, which takes a new focus on sites with fake news, inaccurate content, and hate sites. These guidelines are a continuation of the extensive rater guidelines published previously, and if you want to get your updated copy, follow the link in our thread to download one for yourself. It's well worth reading.

There are some new statistics published which show that the number of hacked sites were up 36% since the previous year. This just goes to show how webmasters need to be vigilant and to follow the advice about keeping their systems up-to-date and backed up.

One quick note to acknowledge the end of an era with the closing of the Open Directory, DMOZ, on March 14, 2017. RIP.

WebmasterWorld's free tools always seem popular, so they'll get a mention here each month, along with the specialist web developers directory, and our Pro Area site reviews.

In the meantime, here is a selection of some topics and news discussed in the last few weeks. See you in the forums.

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