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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | March 2015
WebmasterWorld Newsletter
Google’s latest updates to the SERPs are raising more questions than answers since our last newsletter. Our update thread shows that there are plenty of changes going on, along with the phenomenon we’ve dubbed “Zombie Traffic.” Take a look at our update thread and comment with your observations to help analyse the real world changes. It’s clear Google is working hard on mobile, and has announced a new Googlebot UA for mobile, along with the advance news of a mobile index update during May. Find out more in our threads on that subject.

We’ve been discussing Google AMP, and the value of AMP to SEOs, along with the news that Facebook, and Apple are in the same market segment. Join our news and discussions on this in our topics listed below.

Some of our hottest topics include ad blocking software, and how publishers are combatting the challenge of losing revenue through ad blocking. Do you use ad blocking software, and why? This month we’ve been discussing Google data quality, and how to improve it, and also we’ve been learning about Google’s Rankbrain.

Security is always an issue and this time it’s the DROWN attack vulnerability. Find out more, and join our discussion on this and the many other topics in this newsletter.

As a reminder, WebmasterWorld’s Experts Directory is proving popular, and is a great resource is you’re seeking specialists to help your business. Oh, and don’t forget our popular, and free SEO tools.

See you in the forums.

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