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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | December 2013

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WebmasterWorld Newsletter

Welcome to the March edition of WebmasterWorld's Monthly e-mail.

There's lots of anticipation, discussion, and comment this month over Google's forthcoming smartphone/ mobile update on set for April 21, which is bound to shake up the SERPs.

Don't get left behind when the change comes. You can find out if your site is likely to be impacted by doing a Google search on your smartphone. If you see a site with the label, "Mobile friendly," it's likely to be ok come the day of the change. If you don't see the label it's likely that page, and or site will be demoted in the SERPs, or even not listed at all. But don't be too concerned, there's still time to make changes to make your site mobile friendly.

Doorway pages became a hot topic again. Remember those from way back. It seems that Google has decided to issue a warning that it's going to make a ranking adjustment for doorway pages. Join in the discussion on the topic of doorway pages.

Another hot topic we're discussing this month is a remark picked up at a show made by a Google employee which indicates that the mobile algorithm is likely to have a greater impact than Google Panda or Google Penguin. Certainly, in the smartphone SERPs it's likely to be the case. Importantly, it should be recoverable more easily than Panda or Penguin because the mobile algo is aimed at delivering quality results, and just because a site is not mobile friendly doesn't mean it's a bad site. The site just needs adjusting.

We've been telling you about an update to WebmasterWorld in last month's newletter. This month, we've progressed to a public beta. Just log on to WebmasterWorld and head over to our Community Center, and follow the instructions and conversations. We really do welcome your feedback.

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