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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | February 2018

WebmasterWorld Newsletter
Each month we get more information from Google about the Mobile First Index, and many webmasters are getting concerned that their sites may be left behind if the sites are not perfect for Googleís index. In the last few weeks there were several threads discussing the topic and dispelling fears. Keep up-to-date and join our threads on the topic. What have you done to get your site ready?

Google Chrome ad blocking came into being in February, and our threads on the topic help you understand the how it works, and if youíre complying. Now that Chrome is the undisputed leader in the browser market itís even more important for Publishers and advertisers to keep up-to-speed.

There was a major WordPress vulnerability reported in February, and many sites are still unaware of the issues. Users need to update manually because of an issue with one of the updates which turned off the auto-update. Find out more in our discussions.

Letís get started with some of the most important discussion topics during the month in the WebmasterWorld community.

Brett and Neil

Here are some of WebmasterWorld's Hottest Discussions and News this month.

Google Updates and SERP Changes - February 2018
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes for February.

Google Updates and SERP Changes - January 2018
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes for January.

Google Chrome Ad Blocking "How it Works"
Here's how Google's Chrome ad filtering works after February 15, 2018.

eBay to Make PayPal Optional, With New Agreement with Adyen
eBay is to make PayPal payments optional having signed a new agreement with Adyen to make it eBay's primary partner for payments...

Google AdWords: Ticket Sellers Must Now Be Certified
Ticket sellers must now be certified, and comply with new rules.

Google Featured Snippets and Improvements
Some of the latest developments for Google Featured Snippets.

New Chrome Browser Lock-Up Scam
A new Chrome browser scam is doing the rounds to get a user to phone the scammers for tech support.

Microsoft Brings Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to Windows 10 and Edge
Microsoft has given an update to its roadmap to support Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

WordPress Vulnerability Affects All Versions
Reports of a DDoS vulnerability of all versions of WordPress have surfaced. WordPress has also issued a maintenance release, V4.9.4, which will require manually updating. Note, that maintenance release doesn't yet address the vulnerability.

Chrome 68 Will Mark All HTTP Sites "Not Secure"
Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as "not secure".

New Chrome Shortens URLs when Copied
New Chrome browser includes a url "shortening" option. However, it breaks hashtag anchor tags.

Server Farms - 2018
WebmasterWorld's server farm listings, data centers and IP ranges.

Crypto-Mining Hack Hijacks Thousands of Government Sites
It appears that thousands of government sites around the world were mining cryptocurrencies via a popular "browsaloud" plugin...

ICANN Says .corp, .home, .mail Proposing Never to Release as TLDs
ICANN: As high-risk strings, proposing not to delegate these.

Google's New AMP Stories For Developers in Mobile SERPs
Google has announced AMP stories for mobile SERPs.

Google Removes The View Image Button
Google confirms it has removed the View Image button.

Google AdSense Auto Ads
Google AdSense Auto ads introduced to make it easier for publishers.

Belgian Court Rules Facebook Must Stop Tracking Its Citizens
Cookies on third party websites are the issue.

Twitter Limits Automation and Simultaneous Tweets Across Multiple Accounts
Twitter has been purging bots and spam from its system, and has now published new rules and guidance to limit the use of automated, simultaneous tweets...

Webmaster Experiences Switching From HTTP to HTTPS and Back to HTTP
WebmasterWorld Members discuss the experiences of switching from HTTP to HTTPs and then switching back to HTTP.

YouTube Rolls Out Chat Replay, Live English Auto Captions, Location Tagging of Live Mobile Video
YouTube has announced a number of new features, including automatic English captions, live chat replays, and location tagging.

Google's New Flutter Mobile UI Framework SDK is Now Released in Beta
Google has released Flutter beta 1 SDK...

Twitter Rolls Out Share and Bookmarks
Twitter is now rolling out a new share icon...

Twitter Purges Accounts For Creating New After Being Suspended

Intel Didn't Inform U.S. Security About Meltdown and Spectre Until it Went Public

Pwned Passwords Search Tool Check For Password Leaks

Google extends multifaceted featured snippets to more nuanced queries

Google Releases "Learn With Google AI" Machine Learning Tutorials

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