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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | February 2017
WebmasterWorld Newsletter
In the last few weeks there's been a big shift in Google's SERPs, and many WebmasterWorld Members were assessing the significant changes, and what it means for their sites. What's clear is that Google were remaining tight-lipped about the changes, which has become quite normal these days. It's become up to us to review the changes and draw conclusions. There were also significant shifts in Google image search traffic, and it's turned out to be a hot topic. Join our threads on these topics and let's hear your views and assessments on the changes.

With many sites opting to switch to HTTPS, the question was posed, what would happen if I don't switch to HTTPS? This is an interesting thread, and it's a topic that many sites are wrestling with: Should they switch, and if they don't, what are the implications?

As usual, there were some security issues that required swift action from webmasters to protect their sites, so please keep up-to-date by following our threads.

Are you looking for specialists to help your web development? Our "Hire Experts Directory" will be a good place for you to visit. Once again, our free tools are proving popular, and our site reviews in the Pro Area for WebmasterWorld Supporters are great places to discuss the detail and specifics of your own site.

Moving on swiftly to our hot topics and news featured in the forums during February in this newsletter. See you in the forums.

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Here are some of WebmasterWorld's Hottest Discussions and News this month.
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Facebook Q4 Revenue $8.81 Bln, Monthly Active Users Reach 1.86 Bln

Yahoo and Verizon Deal Cut by $350 Million to $4.48 billion

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Google Assistant Comes To Android 6.0 and 7.0 Phones

Ad blocker Shine rebrands as ad platform

Google to Close Group Sharing App, Spaces

Windows 10 Privacy Still Concerns E.U. Data Regulatory Authorities

Google's YouTube to Put and End to Unstoppable 30-Second Ads

Apple Sets Out its Appeal to E.U.'s 13 billion Tax Bill

Facebook Gets Into Hiring With Job Postings on Pages

Maile Ohye Leaves Google

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