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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | February 2016
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Google has been busy running its updates, and then leaving it to settle as it watches the performance of the changes and reports filtering through. Of late, one of the biggest frustrations for many SEOs and webmasters is the lack of solid information about the Google Panda and Penguin updates. What’s the news? We’ve had promises from Google that Penguin is coming and it should be here in Q1. Clearly, it has not been going to plan as Google is now no longer giving predictions about when we can expect Penguin. It could still be in Q1, of course.

Panda, on the other hand, was being integrated into the algorithm, and, according to Google, we should not notice the changes so much. That is probably because it processes the data far more frequently, than, for example, in one big hit. Many are asking if it has been integrated. Google remains tight-lipped, but reports from webmasters posting in our forums are usually the best, and first examples of a significant changes being processed. Find out more in our update threads, noted below. Please do post your experiences so that other WebmasterWorld Members can learn from you.

Mobile, at the moment is, of course, the big news with Google AMP, which has a launch date of 24 February. Also, Google’s latest test of four ads at the top of the SERPs is now making it look very much a paid entry to page one, with organic results getting a further squeeze. Follow the news on this in our topics.

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