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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | December 2013

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WebmasterWorld Newsletter

Welcome to the February edition of WebmasterWorld's Monthly e-mail.

One aspect that's very clear this month is that Google's latest updates have appeared to be tested, then appeared to be rolled back. One of the most interesting was Google's test in the UK's SERPs when sites such as Wikipedia were no longer at the top. What made it stranger was the replacement to Wikipedia was a commercial site.

Following on from that, some members are in discussion over whether big brands get too much exposure in Google's SERPs. Join our threads on the topics as we'd love to hear your views.

Since the initial e-mails coming from Google out to webmasters about their sites not being mobile friendly, there's been close observation of the SERPs to see if google is starting to penalise those sites that were notified. It's probably too early for a major shift in mobile ranking, but sites are being labelled in the SERPs. That's a good enough move for many webmasters to take notice and to get onto the development trail.

Last month we mentioned we're close to an update to WebmasterWorld. This month it's in beta testing, so please follow the threads on the topic. We really would love to hear your feedback.

We're Feeling Lucky
Jim and Neil

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