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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | November 2014

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WebmasterWorld Newsletter

Welcome to the December edition of WebmasterWorld's Monthly e-mail.

In the past few weeks, since our last newsletter, WebmasterWorld Members have been closely monitoring Google's SERPs and updates and many were surprised by the swings we've been seeing, especially at a time when stability in the SERPs is welcomed.

For us to better analyse the SERPs changes I'd encourage your participation in our update threads monitoring the SERPs and the Google Penguin 3 thread. You'll find the threads linked in this newsletter.

One topic we posted first this month that's caused a great deal of discussion is the proposal that Google Chrome browser marks HTTP sites as "non secure." If this proposal is adopted, the vast majority of sites are going to look risky in the eyes of the average surfer, and it may hide or confuse the surfer if there is a true problem with malware. This could end up with sites losing traffic for no valid reason. As you can imagine, it's a hot topic, even if it's only a proposal.

Some of the other topics on WebmasterWorld this month include Bing's explanation of site and content quality being a factor in ranking. Flickr is likely to sell users photographs for profit, with the user getting no financial return. As you can imagine, it has started a debate over Creative Commons Licensing, and the ethics of selling picture creators' imagery.

An advertising topic that caught my eye was a survey, carried out by Google, that revealed that a staggering 56% of ad impressions are not seen by users. This shows that there can be quite a disconnect between ad impressions and viewable impressions. These might mean your ads remaining unseen. Find out what you can do about it and help improve your ROI by joining our thread on the topic.

This being the final newsletter of 2014 and I'd like to take this opportunity thanking you for participating at WebmasterWorld, and wishing you and your family a very healthy, happy and Prosperous 2015. Happy New Year, Feliz Año Nuevo, Kali Xronia, Bonne Année, Ein Gutes Neues Jahr!

We're Feeling Lucky
Jim and Neil

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