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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | December 2013

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Welcome to this latest edition of the monthly WebmasterWorld newsletter.

Guest blogging has been on Google's radar for some time and it's no surprise the company is watching developments in the sector.

In a recent video from Google's Matt Cutts on guest blogging, I understand that if you're producing quality, you're not going to be on the radar. According to the video, spammy and low quality blogging is much higher on the quality team's sights. The concern is that even quality sites could be hit if a panda or penguin-like algo change or blanket penalty is applied and there's collateral damage.

What's your view on guest blogging and how it's being used? Join our discussion on the topic.

Since our previous newsletter hit the streets, we've been working hard on improving our free webmaster toolset, and those of you that use them regularly will start to notice some improvements.

We hope you like the changes we're rolling out as fast as possible, and we always value your feedback on improvements.

Thanks for your participation in WebmasterWorld, and until next time...
Neil Marshall (engine)

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