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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | November 2015
WebmasterWorld Newsletter
Here at WebmasterWorld our Members are usually first to spot the changes in Google's algorithms and the tests it frequently runs. During this month, there was a significant test which caught the eyes of the savvy webmasters, and we discussed that in our update threads.

One of our other hot topics this month included the news that Google is to ban AdSense sites with "fake news." One of the key parts of this is how a "fake news" site is defined. Some are obvious, but others are borderline because of their topics. Join our discussion and let us know your thoughts.

For anyone that relies on product user generated content reviews, such as product reviews, there's news that Amazon is clamping down. When a larger business, such as Amazon, makes these moves, often others will follow. If you write reviews, or have ever had a product provided so that you review the item, it may affect what you do, and whether it ends up being a worthwhile process. Find out more in our thread on the topic.

We're keen to get more of your feedback on Google Penguin 4.0 and how that has impacted you and your sites. Join our threads to give us your experiences.

Coverage of Google AMP continues as more webmasters get to grips with the pros and cons of the cut down pages. How do you make money from Google AMP? Let's continue to discuss that in our threads.

There are plenty of other topics we've covered, and you can see some of them in the links in this newsletter. Join the WebmasterWorld community and keep up-to-date with the news and topical discussions by following WebmasterWorld on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, and to use our RSS feed and home page for the hottest topics.

We look forward to discussion topics with you the Forums.

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