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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | September 2015
WebmasterWorld Newsletter
Some of our hottest topics this month are about traffic quality, including the apparent zombie traffic, along with the post-Panda strategies. Members discuss Google?s TensorFlow release, Google?s Quality raters guide, and the previous coverage of Google?s RankBrain, and more on its Artificial Intelligence systems.

There were a few other interesting non-Google topics discussed since the last newsletter, and these include the continued watch for site security issues, user privacy, and ad blocking.

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Here are some of WebmasterWorld?s Hottest Discussions and News this month.
Google Updates and SERP Changes - Nov 2015

Google Updates and SERP Changes - Oct 2015

Google Releases Its Machine Learning System, TensorFlow, to Open Source

New Bing Webmaster Mobile Friendliness Test

Post Google Panda Era, and Future Strategies

Free Ad Blocker Tracking Script for Analytics and AdSense

Bing Ads Now Has Image Extensions

Google Quality Rater Guidelines - October 2015 Mobile Edition

Mozilla Releases Firefox OS 2.5, Developer Preview

Twitter Adds "ScratchReel" Animated GIF Control

New Yahoo Product Ads For Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Google: EU Antitrust Fine of up to $6.6 billion is "Inappropriate"

Firefox 42 Now With Tracking Protection, Blocks Ads, Analytics, and Social Share in Private Browsing Mode

Twitter Ditches "Favorites" And Introduces "Likes"

Critical Joomla Vulnerability in ver. 3.2 - 3.4.4

Google Says Voice Search App Is Now Smarter

vBulletin hacked: update your forums now

Facebook Launches New Local Business Ad Tools

Google+ Gets More Than Just a Facelift

.keyword vs. keyword.com

Google Search Powered by Artificial Intelligence, RankBrain

Google to Challenge Russia's Antitrust Ruling On Android Pre-Installs

Major Windows 10 Update Released, With Additional Features

Bing Ads Explains How to Avoid Account Closures

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