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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | November 2014

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WebmasterWorld Newsletter

Welcome to the November edition of WebmasterWorld's Monthly e-mail.

It has been a roller-coaster of a month for those of us watching the Google SERPs, especially since the Penguin 3.0 update arriving last month. It also seems that Panda has refreshed, too, along with some changes occurring in local listings, so we're speculating that the Google Pigeon has taken flight.

How can you keep up with all these changes? Easy, just bookmark our monthly threads on the topics.

Have you got some news about your site you'd like to share, and how it's fairing in Google's SERPs? We're always trying to analyse what's going on, whether it be a Panda, Penguin, or link network slap. By contributing in our threads you can help every webmaster assess the latest changes, and we can all learn what we should be doing to make our sites a success.

Here's something many of us always wanted to know: How to manage multiple Google Accounts effectively. Our thread on the topic tells you how.

Oh, and if you're a Google AdSense Publisher, how has your month been? Our regular AdSense update thread includes feedback from many webmasters and publishers. Additionally, this month we've been discussing a possible alternative to Google AdSense, and it's from Amazon.

As I mentioned, our ongoing development of WebmasterWorld continues, and we've rolled out some of the latest updates to our system. For those of you that are regular contributors you'll see some new awards to thank you for your continued participation.

Come and join thousands of other webmasters that participate and learn each month on how to improve their site's and their business.

Do take a look through the news and discussion we've mentioned, plus others in this month's update.

We're Feeling Lucky,
Jim and Neil

Here are some of WebmasterWorld's Hottest Discussions this month.

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