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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | November 2013

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WebmasterWorld Newsletter

Welcome to this latest edition of the monthly WebmasterWorld newsletter.

Since our previous newsletter hit the streets, we've been working hard on improving our free webmaster toolset, and those of you that use them regularly have probably started to already notice some cool new tools as well as some improvements to the current tools. We hope you like the new tools and changes that we've been rolling out as fast as possible, and we always value your feedback on improvements.

There's been a lot of great forum discussion since the last newsletter and we've collected some of the most interesting threads for you to see in case you missed any of these conversations.

We have some exciting plans for WebmasterWorld in the coming weeks and months, which include many more webmaster tools, a new and upgraded forum, and some terrific plans for the development of our WebmasterWorld Supporters' area.

Thanks for your participation in WebmasterWorld, and until next time...
We're Feeling Lucky,
Jim and Neil

Below are the Top Monthly Threads in WebmasterWorld gathered by Jim and Neil

Google's Matt Cutts: Comments Stuffed With Keywords May Be Seen As A Manipulative Link Scheme

Google Updates and SERP Changes - November 2013

Report: Snapchat Turns Down Acquisition Offer of $3 Billion From Facebook

The Evolution of Google Authorship

Google's Panda and Penguin Drives One Experienced SEO To Leave The Industry (Subscription required)

Protect Your Trademark From Poaching in the New gTLDs With These Top Three Ways

Introducing custom timelines: create timelines of Tweets for everyone

AdWords Now Showing More Relevant Ad Extensions and Formats

The Mission: To Recover an Image Site's Traffic and Performance (Subscription required)

Is A Social Media Profile Now Essential For Ranking Well in Google?

PHP.net Compromised

Yahoo Wanted to Slow Microsoft Search Rollout

The 21st Century Revolution Affecting Everyone and Every Business

New WordPress v3.7 Applies Maintenance and Security Updates Automatically

Mozilla Releases Lightbeam, a Tracking Visualization Add-On

New Generic gTLDs Roll Out Under Way To Registries

Google Announces AdSense Certified Partner Program

Google Plus Offering Custom (vanity) URLs

Report: NSA Infiltrates Links to Yahoo, Google Data Centers Worldwide

PR Zero - Worth Getting a Link?

TECH UPDATE: Bots as Browsers Using JavaScript

How to Test a Website for Different Resolutions? (Subscription required)

WordPress: A Security Problem, Or Not

Google AdWords Releases Search Network With Display Select

Google Tests Developer App Indexing In Google Search

Facebook's New Like and Share Buttons Rolling Out

Google AdSense Split A/B Experiments

WebmasterWorld Weekly Round-Up 8 November

Coding a List Element For Best SEO Performance

Bing Improves API Documentation In SERPs

The Disappearance of Rich Snippets From Google

Approximately 557 New gTLDs Either Approved, Soon to Be or Pending

How to Make Money Using Google AdSense with Forums

Hackers May Have Stolen 800,000 User Details From Mac Forum

Google AdWords Refreshes "Opportunities" Tab

US Judge Dismisses US Authors Guild Case Against Google Books Scanning


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