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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | October 2017

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Google's mobile first index is starting to take shape, and we've been monitoring the updates and changes in the last few weeks. There've been several SERPs tests going on resulting in reports of changes in traffic, some good and some negative. Whatever the outcome, it's clear that webmasters will have to be up to speed on the Mobile First Index. Find out more in our threads on the topic. The switch to HTTPS is also progressing, and the stats published recently indicate significant moves by webmasters to adopt secure sites. We've had some great discussions over recent weeks and months over switching to HTTPS with all the information youíd likely need to make the switch, and what to do once youíve changed over. Ask your question of the experts here at WebmasterWorld. Once again, you can get access to the WebmasterWorld free SEO/SEM tools by following the links in this newsletter. Let's get straight into the hot topics this month. Join the discussions and learn more in the forums. We're Feeling Lucky Jim and Neil

Google Updates and SERP Changes - October 2017
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes for October.

Google Updates and SERP Changes - September 2017
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes for September.

Google Ends First Click Free Policy for Publishers
It'll replace it with what it calls "flexible sampling."

Share Your Theories on Google SERP Shake Up
WebmasterWorld Members share their theories on the latest Google SERPs changes.

Danny Sullivan joins Google as a "sort of public liaison for search"
A surprise announcement: Danny Sullivan joins Google in a public liaison role.

Being a Webmaster: Increasingly Difficult
WebmasterWorld Members discuss the apparent increasing challenges and difficulty of being a webmaster.

Mozilla Helps Unify Microsoft, Google, W3C, Samsung to Create Cross-Browser Documentation on MDN
Mozilla, Microsoft, Google, W3C, and Samsung have agreed to collaborate to create cross browser compatibility on MDN.

Twitter Tests Tweets With 280 Characters
Selected users are getting the opportunity to test longer tweets, but the suggested limit increase hasnít gone down quite as well as anticipated.

Google Updates and Who or What They Target
WebmasterWorld Members discuss Google updates and who or what they are targeting.

Google Opens Shopping Ads to Comparisons Services Within Europe
It is now confirmed by Google that it's opened its Shopping ads in Europe to Comparison Services businesses.

HTTPS Security Headers
WebmasterWorld Members discuss server response headers that strengthen security after you've made the switch to HTTPS.

High Severity WPA2 WiFi Vulnerabilities, Dubbed KRACK, Key Reinstalltion Attacks
Researchers indicated that a KRACK attack exploits a four-way handshake that is used to establish WPA2 key reinstallation.

Firefox Quantum 57 in Beta - New Design and Much Faster
Mozilla says Firefox Quantum 57 is now in beta and available to download for desktop, android and iOS. Itís much faster browser, and gives FF the opportunity to catch up a little on the other major browsers.

What's Changed From Being a Newbie Web Dev Today as Opposed to a Decade Ago
WebmasterWorld Members look at the techniques and tricks that worked for newbie web developers a decade ago, and what works now.

How "Direct Traffic" May Be Undermining Your Marketing
Are you wasting your marketing efforts?

Apple Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK, Windows Store Now Microsoft Store
Microsoft developers conference announced a new SDK and a change to the Windows Store branding to become Microsoft Store.

Facebook Tests Moving Non-Promoted Posts Out of News Feed
Facebook is testing a news feed change that could significantly alter how non-promoted posts from page publishers disappears from the newsfeed.

Disqus Hackers Got 17.5 Million Emails in 2012
Disqus says it has forced reset of all passwords of affected users.

Windows 10 Mobile is No Longer a Priority: Microsoft's Joe Belfiore
No surprise to hear this, but itís finally been said: Windows 10 Mobile is no longer a priority for the company.

Yahoo Data Breach Revealed as 3 Billion Accounts
Original disclosure was 1 billion accounts, and now up to 3 billion.

Microsoft Becomes a Premium Sponsor of Open Source Initiative
How the industry has changed, eh!

ICANN Postpones KSK Cryptographic Key Rollover
A significant number of resolvers used by ISPs and network operators are not fully ready for the change which was due on 11 October 2017.

Still Photographs Brought to Life With Animation
An amazing development making still imagery appear to be moving.

Google to Take a Share From Publishers Gaining New Subscriptions
Google has said it'll take a percentage from new subscriptions publishers gain via its subscriber targeting tools.

Make a Better Site With Chrome User Experience Report
To access the data, developers will need a Google account and a Google Cloud Project.

Google Says 64pct of Chrome Traffic on Android is Now Protected
HTTPS switching appears to have accelerated with these new stats from Google.

The Basics of Copyright are Often Misunderstood
Sometimes, simple errors can cause financial loss, and looking at the basics can save a lot of money.

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