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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | September 2015
WebmasterWorld Newsletter
Well, that was a roller coaster of a month with Google changes and news, and we?ve got some excellent coverage of a number of important topics. Google?s Zombie traffic is getting a lot of attention from our members right now. The latest Google SERPs changes seemed to be significant for some, and that?s drawing speculation and intrigue, along with assessments as to what?s occurred. Today?s hot news is Google?s search powered by Artificial intelligence, and it?s been dubbed ?RankBrain.? You can join our threads on these topics by following the links in this newsletter.

As usual, these days, Google remains silent on the vast majority of the updates, so it?s up to the smart people that contribute to our update threads that are usually first to spot a change. Find out more in our October Google SERPs Update thread.

We?ve got some pretty hot topics for publishers as the whole ad blocking topic continues to be of concern to many. Big business is concerned, too, and even the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) has finally come up with what it believes is its contribution to solving the problem: L.E.A.N.

The last couple of months we reminded you to update your profiles here at WebmasterWorld, and in the next few days we?ll be officially launching our Experts? Services section. Now?s your opportunity to update your profile if you are a business, or a programmer with skills to offer. Finally, one of our most popular sections on WebmasterWorld is the suite of excellent, free, Webmaster, SEO and social media toolset for WebmasterWorld Members. http://freetools.webmasterworld.com/

As usual, this email newsletter features only a small selection of the news and discussions in the past month, so if you want to keep up-to-date on a daily basis, make our home page your daily destination for news and information for the web professional, or follow our twitter feed for instant notification of front page and breaking news. https://www.webmasterworld.com

We look forward to seeing you in the forums!

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Here are some of WebmasterWorld?s Hottest Discussions and News this month.
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Google Updates and SERP Changes - Sept 2015

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Facebook Tests "Reactions," an Extensions of the Like Button

Mozilla is to Ditch All Plugins from Firefox - except Flash

Amazon Files Lawsuit Over 1,114 Fake Reviewers

Facebook Tests Shopping Feeds and Ads With "Canvas"

Calls For JPeg To Have Digital Rights Management Protection

Twitter 24-Hour, Anonymous Polls To Roll Out Globally

YouTube "Red," Ad-Free Subscription Service Announced

Alphabet Announces Q3 2015 Results of Google

Microsoft's Bing Search Engine Business Reaches Profitability

Microsoft Q1 Earnings Up 2pct, with Revenue down 12pct

Irish Court To Examine Facebook Privacy Case

Duane Forrester Leaves Bing and Microsoft

Ad blockers are unlikely to kill the Internet.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey Gives almost $200 million in Stock to Employees

Facebook Updates Search Capability: 2 Trillion Posts, 1.5 Billion Searches Per Day

Twitter To Test "Promoted Moments" With Selected Partners In U.S.

Search Engines, Traffic, and Mobile

Facebook Mobile App Notifications Extended

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