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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | October 2013

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WebmasterWorld Newsletter

Welcome to this latest edition of the monthly WebmasterWorld newsletter. On October 17 it'll be a year since WebmasterWorld changed hands from Brett Tabke to Jim Boykin.

Since then we've developed and published over 80 Free tools for WebmasterWorld members, and almost every week more are being added. We've also started monthly newsletters, as well as the regular weekly round-ups published in the forums.

Internet Marketing Ninjas also recently hired two of WebmasterWorld's Moderators and Administrators, Bill Atchison (IncrediBILL) and Frank Bauer (phranque) to help design additional tools and to help in updating the WebmasterWorld software/platform. They are joining Neil Marshall (engine), who became a Ninja at this time last year.

We have some exciting plans for WebmasterWorld in the coming weeks and months, which include many more webmaster tools, a new and upgraded forum, and some terrific plans for the development of our WebmasterWorld Supporters' area.

Thanks for your participation in WebmasterWorld, and until next time...
We're Feeling Lucky,
Jim and Neil

Below are the Top Monthly Threads in WebmasterWorld gathered by Jim and Neil

Google Updates and SERP Changes - October 2013

Penguin 2.1 Launched; October 4, 2013

Penguin 2.1 Recovery - How to recover if affected

Unnatural Links Detected (Subscription required)

2 years & no recovery. all advice welcome (Subscription required)

Google organic keyword data is now completely gone, with "not Provided"

How To Tell if Google's Hummingbird Update Hit My Site (Subscription required)

Google Hummingbird and Related Patents

SEO after Google algo Hummingbird

"I Want a New Search Engine,"

Google has said it is now adding G+ hashtags to search.

"Understanding Duplicate Ecommerce Product Descriptions and Ecommerce Rankings (ref: John Mueller)"

"Site Typecasting by Google"

YouTube comments are now powered by Google+

Penguin 2.1 was rolled out this week

Google's SERPs changes.

Google AdWords Certification program being replaced with Google Partners.

Fines for companies participating in generating false reviews.

Why Webmasters Should Use Desktop Linux

ICANN has published the new domain registration recovery rules

Google is offering rewards for code patches.

Why Do I Need A Mobile Website

Identifying sources of unattributed, direct traffic that skew stats

YouTube comments now powered by Google+

Bing Launches Sitemap Plugin 1.0

Building your own blog link network

Brave New World? Dealing with Changes in Adsense Textual Advertising

Google+ Adds Author Attribution and Post Embedding

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