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WebmasterWorld Newsletter | January 2017
WebmasterWorld Newsletter
For many the end of the calendar year is a significant milestone. It's often used as a time to reflect on the previous year, and to look forward to the New Year with refreshed vigor, and, for some, to set new resolutions and goals. I overheard a friend talking about his personal resolutions and he's already failed to uphold any he set. What's the point of making personal resolutions if you can't keep to them! Oh well, back to business for 2017.

Here at WebmasterWorld our aim is to provide you with news and topical debate, allowing you to bounce marketing ideas and discuss technical issues with your peers and experts from around the globe related to the wide topic of being a webmaster. Whether you're managing just one site of your own, or work for a Fortune 500 company with a major site and services, we want WebmasterWorld to be your daily port of call.

To help you with your goals we've built our "Hire Experts Directory" and we've a range of excellent free tools. Our site has an easy-to-use menu system which allows you to see all the specialized topics we cover, along with our relaxed Pro Area for WebmasterWorld Supporters where we can discuss the detail and specifics, including members getting site reviews.

Here's this month's hot topics and news featured in the forums, and we look forward to seeing you in the forums.

We're Feeling Lucky
Jim and Neil

Here are some of WebmasterWorld's Hottest Discussions and News this month.
Google Updates and SERP Changes - January 2017

Google Updates and SERP Changes - December 2016

Keywords - Outdated or Still Critical?

Google AdSense Ad Balance Slider Review

Google Mobile Interstitial Ad Penalty: Monitoring the Impact

RIP Google link: operator

Vivaldi Browser Adds a Series of Tab-Related Improvements

Google+ Adds Events and "Turns Down" On The Web January 24

Bing Ads Automated Import Tool Lets You Sync With Google AdWords

Microsoft Adds Privacy Dashboard

Google Reports on AdWords Bad Advertising Practices 2016

Firefox Support Windows XP and Vista Ends September 2017

Report: Yahoo Faces Investigation By U.S. S.E.C. Over Data Breaches

Up to 350,000 Fake Twitter Accounts Discovered in one Network

Is Sitecore Worth the Cost? A Perspective

Opera Shows off Experimental Browser, "Neon"

EU Wakes Up To Annoyance of "Cookie Law"

Facebook Reaches Out to Journalists with its Journalism Project

Matt Cutts officially leaves Google, stays with US Digital Service

LinkedIn Launches New Desktop Design

Facebook Tests "Stories", Mimicking Snapchat Stories

Vine Becomes Vine Camera on January 17

Part of Yahoo to Rename to Altaba Inc., Marissa Mayer To Resign From Yahoo's Board

Yahoo Q4 Revenue $1.469 Billion, With Annual Revenue $5.169 Billion

Confirmed: There Will Be No Further Numbered Updates to Penguin 4.0

Chrome 56 With "Not Secure" and 28pct Faster Reload Capability

Facebook Changes Trending, Including Regional

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Acquires Scientific Search Engine, Meta

Facebook Tests Ads in Messenger

Gmail to Block .js Attachments From February 13, 2017

Live Video on Instagram Rolls Out Globally

Vivaldi Wants Microsoft to Stop Anti-Competitive Practices over Edge

Uber Takes on ex-Google Search Chief, Amit Singhal

Google Starts Testing Instant Apps

Google is one of its own Biggest Ad Buyers

Artifical Intelligence and Fake News

Google Says: Nofollow When Writing About a Bad Site

Amazon takes its Dash Buttons Virtual

Microsoft warns Windows 7 is dangerously insecure in 2017

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