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Founded: June 5, 2002

Overview: Very often on WebmasterWorld there are a lot of very advanced topics covered, and this can be quite perplexing for a newcomer to the subject.

The "New to Web Development" forum was designed to help people get started, not only at WebmasterWorld, but also with web development in general. We aim to provide a friendly area where people can come and learn. It should be a relaxing place but also a very informative place.

One very important point is helping out where ever you can. We should all try and think back to our early days in web development and think of the people who helped us out along the way. The New to Web Development forum gives you a perfect opportunity to pass some of this information on.

Posting tips: It is very importaint to use a good title when posting on WebmasterWorld. Bad titles are “Help” and “Hi”. The same applies to the actual post. A well-worded post is a lot more likely to result in a comprehensive reply. Take time to compose your question, and make sure you give as much relevant information as possible. This will help other members understand your question fully.

It is however important to remain general when posting. This means you cannot use any specific references. We only allow links to the top www authorities such as wc3 etc. Personal urls are not allowed.

When you ask a question give it time. New to web development is not the busiest forum on WebmasterWorld and it can take a little time for your question to be answered.

Topics covered: In new to web development we cover many of the topics on WebmasterWorld but at a much less advanced level. For example, you may not feel fully confident posting a question on one of the main topic forums. In this instance you are more than welcome to post it in new to web.
We do however sometimes move a thread out of new to web, if we feel it is better suited or more likely to receive a better response elsewhere.

Site reviews: We do not allow any site reviews. The new to web development forum is an educational resource; it is not for showcasing or promoting your own work.
We hope that the new to web development forum will be a gentle introduction to the wonderful world of web development. We also hope that some day in the future you will come back to help other users as they start their journey.

Hosting Discussions: Public discussion and/or recommendation of hosting companies is not allowed at WebmasterWorld. While hosting is important to any website, we have closed the floodgates on specific company mentions to stop the promotional content that always crops up in hosting discussions.

New to Web Development is no different to the other forums at WebmasterWorld in that the TOS [webmasterworld.com] applies. Please read and agree to the WebmasterWorld TOS before posting.